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Avaya Wireless Headsets with Avaya 9600 Phones (9620, 9630, 9640, 9650, 9670)


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Avaya Wireless Headsets (Avaya AWH55+, Avaya AWH75N) with Avaya 9600 Series Phones (models 9620, 9630, 9640, 9650, 9670)

Q. How does the Avaya headset differ from the Plantronics model? It looks the same.

A. The Avaya version has electronic hook switch control. There is no need for a manual lifter under the handset to get the function of answering and ending calls remotely.

Q. What is the difference between the Avaya “AWH” models?

A. The Avaya AWH55+ has slightly longer talk time; however, if you charge the AWH75N at lunch or other times in the day, you will get all‐day usage. A. The AWH55+ comes in two wearing styles, over-the-head, and around-the-ear. The AWH75N is a lightweight, more executive style headset.
A. The AWH55+ rests on top of your ear. The AWH75N is positioned slightly more in your ear.
A. The AWH55+ is 900 MHz frequency; the AWH75N is 1.9 DECT.
A. Both offer up to 300’ roaming, noise canceling, mute capability, and superior sound quality.

Q. Where is the mute button?

A. On the AWH55+, it is the button on the top of the headset. On the AWH75N, it is the minus volume button on the headset.

Q. How do I mute?

A. You hold the button down 5 seconds. You will hear 3 beeps. Those beeps will remain while you are on hold or mute. To take it off mute, you hold the same button down 5 seconds.

Q. What settings do I use for this 96XX phone?

A. On the left hand side of the base, there is a round dial. The #1 should be pointed to the 3PM position. Underneath the base, there is an A-B-C-D. You should be on B.
Q. What is the – and = on the right hand side of the base?

A. If the position is set at -, that means you do not get a dial tone (or answer the call) until you press the headset button on the headset. If the position is set at =, that means as soon as you lift the headset out of the base, you will be answering the call. We recommend you keep it at – in case you pick up the headset and then something else occurs behind you.

Q. How do I install these Avaya Wireless headsets?

A. Users Guide instructions in the box. However, you can follow the steps below for a quick installation setup. If you have further questions, you can call the Avaya technical service number at 800-544-4779. The service group will first need to know the model of your phone (Avaya 96XX) and the headset you are using (Avaya AWH55+ or AWH75N).
1) Plug the AC adapter in the outlet. The other end of the cord plugs in under the standing base of the headset.
2) In the small bag included in the box, there will be several cords. Find a small cord with the black, square box on which there is a white tag that says 96XX.
3) Plug the end of that black cord into the back of the phone, into the headset port (not the MOD port). The headset port is just below the MOD port.
4) On the standing base, there is an attached headset cord. Plug the other end of the attached base cord into the black cord which you just put into the back of the phone.
5) Also in the small bag is a thin cord, labeled ring detector. Carefully remove the adhesive on the back of the small circular piece at the end and place it under the handset in the middle of the speaker area. Then plug the other end under the standing base of the headset.
6) The headset should charge at least 3 hours before using.

Q. Will these wireless headset work on a console?

A. Yes. We recommend the AWH55+. If the console is a 302D, nothing additional is needed. If you have a different console, please contact technical service for the appropriate cord information. Note: A wireless headset on a console does not offer you the function of remote answering/ending of calls, however. You will still be able to be hands‐free on each call. If another call comes in, it is treated as if it is a regular phone call. The current call is put on hold and the other answered.

For a complete list of corded and wireless headsets for your Avaya Phone, go to our Direct Connect Headset section.

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