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- Are Wireless Headsets Safe?   Date: Tuesday June 16, 2009
News Summary:
Does Wireless Headset Radio Frequency Emissions affect your Health, if any.

News Content:

Wireless Headset Radio Frequency Emissions and your Health

For a long time, there have been health concerns with the ever rising use of cell phones. The debates continue and there is much research you can access on the internet. There have been many studies over the years and so far, there are no links between accelerated mobile phone use and adverse health effects.

Radio Frequency Standards in the United States

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is the international standard for measuring the human tissue’s rate of radio frequency absorption. Exposure to radio frequency emission guidelines are released by the Federal Communications Commission, and all cell phone manufacturers must meet them. These guidelines are based on the latest research and are in place to protect the public’s health. The SAR rating for cell phones sold in America is 1.6 W/kg, or less.

Plantronics Headsets Exceed the Guidelines

Plantronics is meticulous in the testing their headset SAR levels. All Plantronics wireless headsets are tested in an independent laboratory with the following results:

  • Corded Mobile Headsets. Plantronics corded mobile headsets had an almost zero reading when tested by an independent authority.

  • Wireless and Cordless Headset Units. Many of Plantronics headsets have their own power supply and people may think they are more at risk from radio frequency emissions. Plantronics headsets tested include the Bluetooth mobile headsets, and cordless and wireless headers. Once again, Plantronics commissioned an independent tester to ensure their products more than met the international guidelines. And they all did – the radio frequency emissions from their product are almost zero.

For as long as time goes on the debates will continue with concerns about the increased use of mobile devices and the effects on our health. And so they should. As long as we are talking about them, we stay protected.

For further research into the effects of radio frequency emissions, the US Food and Drug Administration has information on their website at

The English government commissioned a report from the Independent Advisory Group on Non-Ionizing Radiation (AGNIR). See the results at and Plantronics always here to help, so if you want more information about their products contact

Information on RF Emissions and SAR Testing

The issue of possible health concerns from cellular radio frequency (RF) emissions continues to be a topic of discussion among the general public and in the media. Numerous studies on this topic have already been released, and others are still underway. To date, scientific data indicate that there is no clear linkage between wireless phones and adverse health effects.

What are the standards for RF emissions? The internationally accepted standard for measuring radio frequency absorption by human tissue is Specific Absorption Rate or SAR. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued exposure limit guidelines for all mobile phone transmissions, which, based on the scientific evidence presently available, incorporate significant margins of safety to ensure the health of the general public. All mobile phones sold in the United States must comply with the FCC’s standard of a SAR reading of 1.6 watts per kilogram or less.

Has Plantronics measured SAR levels when its headsets are used? Yes. Plantronics has commissioned studies from independent laboratories to measure the SAR levels when using Plantronics mobile headsets and wireless and cordless headset systems.

Corded Mobile headsets: The independent studies have shown that SAR readings at the head are virtually zero when a corded mobile headset is used.

Wireless and cordless headset systems: Plantronics now offers a number of cordless and wireless headsets and headset systems that carry their own power supplies, and consequently, questions have been raised about possible RF emissions. These models include our family of Bluetooth® mobile headsets and our cordless and wireless headset systems. Plantronics has also commissioned SAR testing for these products, and again the findings show that the SAR levels are virtually zero. In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides additional information at the following Web

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact Plantronics corporate communications. In the UK, the government commissioned a study by the Independent Advisory Group on Non-Ionizing Radiation (AGNIR).

To see the whole line of Wireless Headsets or Plantronics Headsets visit

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- Are Wireless Headsets Safe?
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