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Tips for charging Jabra GN 9330e, 9350e wireless headsets



1) The headset must be docked firmly in the base for charging to occur. The two indications of being properly seated in the base are that you should hear an audible “click” when the headset is docked indicating that the charging circuit has been activated, and one of the 4 green LEDs should start flashing (unless it is already fully charged as indicated by all 4 LEDs illuminated.

2) If the headset battery is totally dead, it needs to charge for 30 minutes before there will be any green LED indicators flashing. This is normal, as the headset cannot communicate the charge status to the base until it has enough power to do so.

3) The GN9300e Series headset MUST be properly PAIRED to the base to communicate the charge status to the 4 green LEDs on the base.

4) We have seen rare cases where a headset is “partially paired” and did not correctly report the charge status. This is usually caused by the pairing process being interrupted while in progress. When in doubt, hold the headset firmly in the base and re-pair. Make sure you see the Blue LED on the headset flash briefly when pairing is complete.

5) “Resetting the unit” by removing/restoring the power to the headset and the base is always a good practice.

6) If the green LED stops flashing in the middle of a charge cycle, it could be caused by a marginal connection from the battery/headset to the tower of the base. If this appears to be the problem, please contact your GN product support representative and a replacement battery will be sent out to you.

7) There is an accessory battery/charger (part # 14151-04) for the GN9300e Series products that will provide a “hot spare” in the event that a headset was not properly docked and went totally dead. This accessory also offers “hot swap” capability which provides 24 x 7 usage.