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Get rid of that Wireless Headset Lifter, use Plantronics EHS instead.


– Do you really need a lifter for your wireless headset?

hl10       – Versus –       APC-45

 When it comes to wireless headsets, many people ask us, “Do I really need to use a handset lifter?“   Well, the answer can be quite complicated.

 Since a handset lifter gives you the capability of answering or ending the call directly from your headset (By raising & lowering the handset on your base telephone), many wonder if there is a better way of doing so with today’s technology. In short…yes…maybe!  Since it’s not the headset itself that carry’s the technology of whether or not you can do this, but rather the telephone (Whether your phone has the technology built into it already), THAT is precisely where the issue lie’s….your telephone.

 While the lifter will work with about 98% of most phones out there, the newer technology I will discuss over the next few articles will talk about E.H.S. Cables (Electronic Hook Switch Controllers). These are special cables that allow your wireless headset to communicate electronically with your telephone, and tells the phone to go “On or off” hook simply by pressing the button on your headset. No moving parts and nothing taped or mounted onto your phone!  What’s more, is that an EHS cable will last for countless years longer than a lifter since there are no moving parts or motors involved. Just to reiterate, your telephone “Has to already have part of this technology built inside it already.”

 So, how do you know if your phone is EHS ready?  Simple…you can either call us & speak with one of our agents, or you can check the headset manufacturers Compatibility Guide, by looking up your phone’s make & model. However, we highly recommend that you give us a quick call, since you have to match a very specific cable to a very specific “Series” of wireless headsets. Plus, you have to make sure to always use the same brand EHS cable as what your headset is (ie. a Plantronics cable with a Plantronics headset, or a Jabra cable with a Jabra headset ONLY!).

 In my next few blogs, I will dive a bit further into some of the more popular types of EHS cables, which phone brands that are most compatible with these cables, how to narrow down which specific cable you’ll need, and whether or not you are lucky enough to have one of the rare phones that need no lifter or EHS cable at all.

 Stay tuned…

 For more information, contact Sales & Product Specialist Mike Ottovich at:  1-877-999-3838

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