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New Hands-Free Driver Safety Laws. Driver must use a headset.


Most States Now Have Hands-Free Driving Laws

Most West Coast state legislatures have responded to evidence that accident risk decreases when drivers use a hands-free device, such as a headset, when using cell phones while driving.


Laws Requiring Drivers Use Hands-Free Device While Talking/Listening on Cell Phone
• CA (7/1/08) California Wireless Telephone Automobile Safety Act of 2006
• WA (7/1/08) Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5037
• AZ (12/1/09) The Safer Road Arizona Act – AZ Revised Statute 28-1192
• CT, DC, NY, NJ & IL laws in effect

In California, new wireless law allows a driver to use a wireless telephone to make emergency 911 calls, a medical provider, the fire department.  It only applies to the person driving a motor vehicle. California drivers  over 18 are allowed to use a hands-free device to talk on their cell phones while driving.  The new law does not prohibit you from dialing.  You can use a Bluetooth Headset, but you cannot have both ears covered.  You can also use a speakerphone as an alternative.

We support safe driving with the use of a Cell Phone Headset. We encourage all drivers to practice common sense for responsible use of headsets for hands-free communication while driving. Headset Plus supports companies who employ a mobile workforce by providing hands-free headset solutions.

    • Increase Driver Safety by establishing and enforcing a company policy that provides and requires the use of a hands-free headset with every company-provided cell phone or mobile data device
    • Reduce Wasted Time by relying upon Plantronics Sales to help you select 1-3 headsets suited to workforce needs as company standard and reduce unproductive, costly time of employees researching/exchanging products during workday
    • Reduce Expenses by purchasing headsets from an existing channel partner like Plantronics instead of reimbursing employees that purchase at retail


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