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Plantronics CS50 Cordless Headset with Superior Audio


Plantronics CS50 headsets have an integrated noise-canceling microphone positioned to optimize your operator’s speech along with a dynamic speaker. This gives superior audio performance consistently.

They use 32 bits ADPCM bandwidth and the listening volume is adjustable on the headset and at the base. The talk volume adjusts using a sliding control and the volume control on the underneath of the base is a slide switch that can be moved to ABCD. A Mute button provides the ability to mute all transmissions when required.

Dispelling Interference with your Signals

The Plantronics headsets use the 902 – 928 MHz bandwidth along with other products. This can cause interference if users collide on the same frequency and may cause poor quality audio with noises, popping and muting throughout the call.

Sometimes this can be improved by moving the base unit’s position; or by limiting he distance between the headset and its base unit. The CS50 range is compatible with Bluetooth, most LANs and 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g systems.

If the unit is used too close to cell phones then the CS50 headset may suffer interference. This is simple to fix. Move one of the items so it no longer causes the problem.

Reduced Echoes and Feedback

If you have distorted side tone through your headset, such as hearing your own voice echo back, it means either the volume is too high or the phone volume needs adjusting correctly for your headset. If this occurs, adjust the headset receiving volume until you hear a beep that tells you it is adjusted to the centre point. Also adjust the volume on the telephone the same way.

Use the Speak Volume Fine Tune buttons on the back of the base to get rid of the interference entirely. If the headset talk adjustment is already at the low end of the adjustment scale, move the Speak Volume Master slide to the next lowest letter (if it is on D move it to C; C to B; B to A) and adjust the Speak Volume Fine Tune buttons for correct adjustment.

Be aware, though, not all manufacturers’ telephone configuration dial levels will work correctly with those on the headset. For example, position 1 on the phone may work well with position B on the base unit, but may not work with C or D. Once the audio level is set correctly, move the headset listening volume to a level that suits you.

If the problem persists then try other positions on the telephone configuration dial until you find one that is completely compatible.

How Far can you Reach?

Plantronics CS50 headsets can range up to 300 meters but it depends on the environment they are operating in. Factors that affect their performance range include:

  • the obstruction of interior walls;
  • whether you are operating at the edge of the base’s range; or
  • whether there are other units operating from the 900 MHz frequency (even a high density of users using the CS50 headsets can affect the range).

Planning for High Density Use

There are limits to the user density level in which the CS50 headset units will operate well in. Using a wireless headset inside gives it many obstacles to overcome. They work best when they are not in the line of sight of other units.

The system automatically senses when too many users try to access the frequency channel. It reduces the system to a short-range system to continue providing the best audio clarity to all users. How long this lasts depends on how far operators are from each other and how long their headsets are in Talk mode.

If your office cubicle walls are high enough to prevent line of sight from one base unit to another, 50 operators can work within 100 feet of each other and all will have good sound quality. There are variations, but the worst case is when an operator is too far from their own base and closer to other bases. This causes a much higher level of interference and echo in the line.

If you leave your base range entirely, it can take time for the headset to reestablish a link. Instead of the normal process which takes only seconds, it could take up to minute in a high density situation.

In a high density environment, the headsets work best if operators do not move around while they are on a call as they become susceptible to interference. If your operators work in an open plan office without cubicle walls, it is likely that 50 operators working together will get clear audio at all. Good reliable audio really depends on good layout of your work areas.

In office environments, it is important to avoid operating other appliances that use the 902 – 928 MHz bandwidth to avoid unnecessary external interference.

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