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Using Plantronics CS50/CS55 Wireless Headsets for maximum number of users


Combining Plantronics CS50/CS55 Wireless Headsets for maximum number of wireless headset users

Plantronics CS55 is the world’s best selling wireless headset. It shares headset form factor with the original Plantronics CS50, and is indistinguishable in respect of practical user experience.

Both use the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) protocol, offer HIPAA/Sarbanes-Oxley security compliance, have the same physical form, acoustic mechanisms, battery characteristics and user functionality and operation.

The difference is that the CS55 uses the more recently introduced 1.9GHz frequency, while the CS50 uses the 900MHz frequency. The two frequencies can coexist and do not conflict with each other. Each has its pros and cons.

(1) The advantage of the CS55’s 1.9GHz frequency is it is exclusively reserved for voice communications, obviating any conflict with other devices. However, it only supports 30 channels, so density becomes an issue sooner.

(2) The advantage of the CS50’s 900MHz frequency is that it supports 54 channels, enabling greater density. It is not exclusively reserved for voice communications, and other devices can theoretically interfere or be interfered with. In the real world, though, the 900MHz frequency is little used by non-voice devices in enterprises so this is rarely an issue (Note: Healthcare environments are a notable exception).

Plantronics is unique in offering the same headset form factor on both 900MHz and 1.9GHz frequencies. Customers combining CS50s and CS55s in the same location enjoy a massive potential total of (54+30=) 84 channels in a single environment with a single user-favorite headset design. No other vendor offers this.

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