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Best Headsets for Landline Telephones, Tests 2023 and Reviews


Today we’re going to help you find the best headset for your landline telephone. With VOIP telephone systems becoming more and more commonplace, many landline users with headsets worry if they are being left out in the cold. But fear not, today we’re going to help you choose the right headset (corded or wireless) for landline telephones that best suits your needs.


Plantronics HW510 EncorePro 510 Noise Canceling Headset


The ideal headset for a call centers and landline telephones. Comfortable yet sturdy, sturdy but not bulky. The Plantronics HW510 will stand up against the toughest environments. It’s noise cancelling microphone greatly reduces background noise provides the one-two punch of comfort and quality that it’s competitors cannot match. BUY NOW!

Plantronics HW520 EncorePro Noise Canceling Binaural


Some people like Pepsi over Coke for the same reason they prefer a two-eared (binaural) over a single-eared (mono) headset: it just feels right. Plantronics HW520 is a great option for those that want two ear pieces to work with their landline telephone. This laser welded headset has the same comfort and audio quality as Plantronics HW510 but with a little extra. BUY NOW!

Plantronics HW710 HW291N EncorePro Noise-canceling Headset <= My corded favorite

The crown jewel of Plantronics’ EncorePor series. Comfort, style, quality — this Plantronics HW710 has it all. The laser welded nylon composite materials makes for an ultra-lightweight design and it’s plush leatherette ear cushions take comfort and durability to the next level. The retractable noise-cancelling microphone and wide band and HD audio provides the most efficient form of communication for landline phone users. BUY NOW!


Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset, Convertible

Plantronics CS540

Plantronics CS540 is the most popular wireless headset, period. It’s also happens to be one the best options for those using landline telephones. The CS540 is the worlds most flexible in terms wearing styles. Choose over-the-ear, over-the-head or behind the neck wearing styles. It’s also the most comfortable headset that money can buy, weighing in at only 21 grams you will forget it’s being worn half the time. The Plantronics CS540 offers up to 350 feet of wireless range and the noise cancelling microphone filters out any unwanted background noise. It’s quite the headset. BUY NOW!

Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Pro 935

The Jabra Pro 925 allows you to connect with your desk phone and your Bluetooth smart device (like an Apple iPhone) through Bluetooth. Offering over 300 ft of wireless range making it ideal for your landline telephone users. It’s comfortable, laser wielded design offers multiple choices for wearing styles and provides over 10 hours of talking time. Jabra Pro 925 offers simple plug-and-play installation so just plug it in and you’re good to go. No fumbling between different modes and settings. BUY it Here!

Jabra Engage 65 Mono Wireless Headset System

Jabra engage

The Jabra Engage 65 Mono is a great headset. You will have some of the best wireless range and battery life. The wireless headset can go up to 490 feet away, and the battery will last up to 13 hours talk time. You can connect it to two devices at the same time, desk phone and a computer via USB. It has a great noise canceling microphone and is Microsoft Skype compatible. Another cool feature is the built in busy light on the headset so people know when you’re on a phone call. This is just a great headset. Click here to buy now.

Plantronics Savi 8220 Wireless Headset Binaural <= staff favorite

The Plantronics Savi 8220 is the newest and by far the best wireless headset Savi 8220on the market.  It’s also the most expensive.  It’s design for noisy offices or call centers where both ears needs to be covered and the Savi 8220 has “active noise canceling” padded speakers to block out most of the background noise, so you can focus on the phone call.  It also has noise a canceling microphone for the person on the other end of the phone.  Like the other Plantronics Savi models, it has triple connectivity – for desktop phone, computer, and Bluetooth cell phone.  So you can easily switch between the devices with a simple push of the button.  In addition, it has the largest battery capacity of all the wireless headset today (13 hours talk time) and long range (600 ft. line of site).  Simply put, it has it all!  The best wireless headset on the market today. Check it out HERE

Poly (Plantronics) Savi 7210 Wireless Headset, Mono Style

This is the new 2020 release for the Plantronics wireless headset.  Basically the replacement for the older Plantronics CS510, which has been the workhorse wireless headset the last 10+ years.  It has it all, it’s now equipped with soft padded headband, large padded leathette speakers, more talk time (12 hours) and 50 hours standby and great range (up to 400ft, line of sight).  most amazingly it only weights 104g.  Like the previous wireless headset model, it has 64-bit DECT encryption against eavesdropping or hacking into your conversation.  When available, it’s compatible with your VoIP wideband phones, so your voice sounds more natural to the person you’re talking to.  The microphone boom is flexible (bendable) so you can adjust it to just about any position in from of your mouth.  all these upgraded features for about the same price as the previous model. Order it HERE

If you’re in noisy office and want to focus on the call, there is the Poly Savi 7220 stereo mSavi 7220 Office Headset and Baseodel, where there are two speakers that cover both ears.  The dual speakers block background  office noise when you’re on a phone call.

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