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Carbon Phones and CS500 headsets


For carbon phones some Plantronics model headsets have trouble with static feedback and volume fluctuation.

Plantronics’ CS500 series headsets do not have the internal mechanism which detects carbon based phones and automatically switches to the carbon setting nor do they have an adequate carbon setting on the configuration switch. Unfortunately since there is no setting on them there are only two solutions to this problem.

1) If you already have a CS500 series headset call Plantronics tech support and have them send you out a carbon cable. (Tech support: 1 800 544 4660 option 2, 1, 1,)

2) Or instead of getting the regular CS500 series get the CS500XD series which has that carbon mechanism built into it. (Also the Savi W700 series headsets work as well)

For the carbon setting on the CS500XD or W740 you have to put the configuration switch to G which will eliminate the volume fluctuations and the static spikes.

The known carbon phones are:

  1. Samsung 18 button
  2. Avaya Callmasters
  3. Siemens OpenScape

There may be more carbon phones so please ask your service provider if you are not sure.

For all other questions please contact jeremy at www.headsetplus.com 877 999 3838 or jeremy@headsetplus.com

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