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ESI Phone – Programming a headset button


For the ESI phones, ESI 60, 40, 30D, 48-key and 24-key in order to use a ESI Compatible Headset, you will need to program a dedicated “headset” button onto one of the buttons you don’t use, follow the instructions below:

Programmable feature keys:

There are two methods for performing programming of your phone’s programmable feature keys:
• Direct programming — Select the key you want to program, and hold it down for at least two seconds.
This not only initiates programming but also lets you immediately program that specific key.
• Traditional programming — Press PROG/HELP. The Verbal Help Guide will speak to you, walking you
through the full menu, during which you can choose the appropriate option.

After you have selected the button you wish to program you must then enter the headset button code which is 564.

Once you have entered the code you will have a functional headset button.

For help or more information on compatible ESI headsets contact www.HeadsetPlus.com or 877 999 3838.

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