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How to make conference calls (3-way calling) with a Polycom Conference Phone?


3-way Calling with a Polycom Soundstation2

Conference calling (3-way calling) is a service of the phone line itself (provided by your service provider like AT&T), not the Polycom conference phone itself.

To place a conference call on your line, you will need to know who is responsible for the analog telephone line that you are using. Some lines will come directly from the Telephone Company and the service must be ordered through them. Other lines may come from your in-house PBX system, which is controlled by your company’s Telephone IT department. Your Phone Administrator should be able to assist you in determining the correct method to access the service on the line.

If using the Flash button ( also called CONF,R, or conference phone) does not work in the following procedure:

1. Call the first Party.
2. Press FLASH, and wait for the dial tone.
3. Call the second Party.
4. Press FLASH, to conference the two lines together.

then please contact your telephone administrator or local service provider (telephone company) and ask them how to place a conference call on a single line analog phone with a Flash (CONF,R, or conference phone where applicable) button on your network.

There are no limits on how many parties can be conference in using the Polycom SoundStation2 itself. However; the number of participants able to join a conference does may be limited by the service provider (i.e. ATT or your in-house PBX system)

Please inquire with the phone Administrator or local phone company on the number of lines that can be conferenced in on the same call.