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Plantronics Bluetooth Headset MultiPoint Technology


Plantronics Bluetooth Multi Point Technology. Switching and using 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time

All Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets can pair with up to 4 different devices.

However, Plantronics MultiPoint headset technology allows some Bluetooth headsets to switch connections between two paired devices.

Non-multipoint  headsets cannot be connected to more that one device at a time.

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets with Multipoint Technology:

M1000/M1500: No
M2500: No
M3000: No
M3500: No
Voyager 510: Yes
Explorer 320: No
Discovery 640: Yes
Discoveyr 640E: Yes
Discovery 645: No
Discovery 650E: Yes
Discovery 655: Yes
Discovery 665: No
Pulsar 590: Yes*
* Not phone to phone

Plantronics Multipoint technology permits simultaneous pairing with two different Bluetooth audio devices and allow the ability to switch from one device to another without having to turn the headset off and on again.

You will not be able to use two devices simultaneously.

To Pair the headset to another Bluetooth device simply follow the same steps with a new device.

To Initiate a call ~
The headset will assume you wish to initiate a call on the device recently used.

To use a second device ~
Initiate the call using the controls on the second device. The second device will form the link with the headset.

Answer a call ~
An incoming call on either device will ring through the headset.  In most cases, the ring tone from the device will transfer through to the headset, allowing the user to determine which device is ringing. In some cases, however, the headset will apply a ring tone to the incoming call. In either case, the user may be able to determine which device is ringing through the distinct ring tone.

To answer a call on one device while talking on the other ~
There is no capacity for placing a call on hold while answering another with the headset, You must use the phone features itself (if it has a hold function) to place a call on hold before switching to a second call.

If there is no hold feature you must terminate the call before switching to another device.

Terminate the first call by pressing the call control button once.
Wait for the beep and then answer the second call by pressing the Call Control Button again.

If you choose not to answer the second call and that device has voice mail, the call will go to voice mail.