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Plantronics Voyager Pro UC B230/B230-M (v2) FAQ


Plantronics Voyager Pro UC B230/B230-M (v2) FAQ

Q. What’s the difference between this model and the previous Voyager Pro models?

Compared to the older Voyager Pro WG200B, the new Voyager PRO UC (V2) offers:

  • A2DP
  • Enhanced voice alerts (connection status, talk time, etc.)
  • iPhone® headset battery meter
  • Smart Sensor technology
  • Smaller USB adapter

Compared to Voyager PRO+ mobile version, new Voyager PRO UC (V2) offers:

  1. Wideband support
  2. Smart Sensor technology
  3. Bluetooth USB adapter

Q. Explain the new features in detail?

Smart Sensor Technology: The new Voyager Pro UC combines sensors, with sophisticated software and hardware to empower mobile workers to be at their most productive. The sensor technology in Voyager PRO UC means the headset is smarter about how you work and provides helpful features like automatically answering a call simply by placing the headset on or automatically transferring an incoming call from your mobile phone to the headset and back again. And when you’re not wearing your headset, the call button is locked to eliminate accidental dialing.
A2DP technology: lets you stream audio from your mobile phone or your PC directly to your Voyager PRO UC headset so you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts or follow GPS directions from your mobile without having to carry two headsets.
Enhanced voice alerts: announce remaining talk time, mute, phone and PC connection status and battery life by whispering them in your ear, so you can feel confident that you won’t be cut off mid sentence – always ready to take the next important call.
Mini USB adapter: up to three times smaller than a typical Bluetooth adapter, is small enough to stay plugged into the PC all the time. You’ll never have to take it out, so you won’t lose it, or need to search for it. And the new USB adapter is automatically prepaired with the headset and ready to go. Just connect and talk.
iPhone Battery Meter: For Apple iPhone users, it automatically displays the remaining battery life for Voyager PRO UC with a small meter on the iPhone screen (headset must be powered on and connected to iPhone to view).
Q. Will the mini USB adapter be available separately?

The mini USB adapter was designed to be used with this headset. If you were to lose the adapter, it could be purchased as a spare – Plantronics do not intend to offer this as an accessory for other products.

Q. Is this class 1 or 2 Bluetooth? What is the range?

The headset uses Class 2 Bluetooth with up to 33ft range.

Q. Is the dongle backwards compatible with current Voyager PRO UC?

Basic call control functionality (answer/end/volume/mute) should work, but full compatibility testing is still in progress by Plantronics

Q. Is there a software CD included in the box for the new Voyager PRO UC?

No, Plantronics is moving away from including CD’s in the box with their UC products. The user is prompted in their quick start guide to go to www.Plantronics.com/software to install the latest version of Plantronics software.

Q, Can the user switch between active PC and Mobile calls?

No, in order to answer an incoming PC call while on a mobile call (or vice versa), you must end the current call.

Q. Is there any way to upgrade the firmware of the current Voyager Pro UC to support the new features?

Many of the new features, like sensors and A2DP are built into the hardware so those could not be added via a firmware update. However, any Plantronics PURE software enhancements (not related to hardware features) would be supported. see ourPlantronics Headset Control Software (PURE) page

Q. Does anything special need to be done to enable streaming audio between the headset and the iPhone?

No, but it must be an iPhone model that supports A2DP.

Q. How does the Smart Sensor technology work?

The Smart Sensor technology works the same way as the touch (capacitor) sensors in many electronic devices (i.e. iPad/iPhone touch screens). When the headset is brought close to the ear (like a finger near a touch screen), the sensor detects the conductive skin. The sensors communicate this change in state to the headset processor. We have a special design and special processing so that handling the headset, or putting it in your pocket or purse is less likely to cause a false detection.

Q. Do the sensors affect the amount of talk time for the headset? What about wideband?

The sensors have no measurable impact on talk time. Streaming audio has a greater impact on talk time and times can vary significantly since it is phone and volume dependent. PC wideband calls can affect talk time by approximately 30 minutes.

Q. If I can answer a call by placing the headset on, will it end a call if I remove the headset during a call?
No, the headset only has auto answer for calls, NOT auto end. Due to the smart transfer feature, if you remove the headset during a mobile call, it will send the audio back to the handset and the call will still be active. If you remove the headset during a PC call your call will still be active as if you were still wearing the headset