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Plantronics CS540 Provides the Technology for Secure Conversations


Plantronics CS540 leading edge technology protects the security of our telephone conversations; and far outperforms old analog cordless technology. A Plantronics Wireless Headset provides a secure telecommunications line that combines dynamic channel selection, TDMA/TDD digital technology and 64-bit DECT encryption.

CS500_women.jpgA weakness of analog cordless phones is it only takes someone with a radio receiver, tuned in correctly, to eavesdrop on your telephone conversations. While new digital radio technology makes it more difficult for eavesdroppers, you will always get those people who have to meet the challenge and try anyway. Only someone with specialized equipment, and who knows what they are doing, could penetrate the security of the Plantronics. CS540. But, the Plantronics CS540 reduces the risk of eavesdropping even further with additional features that make it almost impossible.

The Plantronics CS540 has a base that plugs into the telephone and a cordless headset. When you use the headset, it connects with the base. The headset and base exchange security information through an encrypted security check. Once the check is completed, it is stored for the future use. What makes this so secure is the headset and base only knows the encryption code. This makes the code almost impossible to duplicate by unauthorized systems.

When you make a telephone call, a secure encryption request is sent. During the encryption request, a key must work with the correct identification information for the sign in to deliver encryption parameters. These parameters deliver speech data in encrypted form to make it extremely difficult for anyone to overhear a conversation.

The algorithm used in the Plantronics CS540 is widely used in European DECT systems and written about in the European Standardsbody ETSI document EN 300 175-7.

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