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Plantronics Voyager Focus new Firmware Update


Plantronics Voyager Focus

Plantronics just released a new firmware (ver 40, dated Oct 20, 2015) for the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC and Voyager Focus MS.  It’s design to fix various issues of the previous versions. Here are some examples:

  • Improved audio quality and range* between the Plantronics BT600 dongle and headset for both mono and stereo telephony.
  • Wide band On/Off setting allows balance of audio quality vs. wireless range between the BT600 and headset.

*To achieve the greater range, the firmware must be updated on both the Voyager Focus Bluetooth headset and the BT600 USB dongle. Plug the USB dongle into the PC, and the headset turned on.   Go to the ‘Updates’ section within Plantronics Hub software and update the firmware.



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