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Plantronics Wireless Headset Not Beeping when Phone Rings


Why my Plantronics Wireless Headset Not Beeping in my ear when the phone is ringing?


When your phone rings, Plantronics HL10 or EHS cable provides a ringtone to your Plantronics wireless headset when you’re away from your desk. This feature requires the HL10 handset lifter or a EHS cable (for phones that support it).  If you do have a HL10 handset lifter but do not hear the remote ring detection, please check the following:

Check the Plantronics HL10 lifter position on the phone. Make sure the handset lifter positioned directly over the phone’s speaker.

If your telephone speaker is not under the HL10 lifter.  Attach the optional “external ring detector” cable. This cable plugs into the lifter and provides a small, black microphone. It is included in the plastic bag of lifter accessories. Mount the microphone near your telephone’s speaker.

Adjusting telephone’s ringer volume. If the phone’s ringer is too quiet, it may not trigger the ring detection built into the lifter.  Try turning up the ringer volume of your phone.

Your telephone ringer have different rings? For example internal calls vs external calls vs transferred calls.  Does the phone ring the same for each type of these calls. If so try changing so all calls use the same tone.