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Polycom: Company history and conference phone information


What gives a business its competitive edge? We all know that it’s the service, the people that work at the company, but the equipment the company works with is also very important, and Polycom was a company that realized this from the moment it was founded. They knew that the future of telecommunications was changing, and they wanted to be one of the leaders in the telecommunications field.

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To create leaders in any industry, you need to equip them with the right tools and Polycom makes the best conference phones in the world, a tool that can help you and your employees get your  job done quickly and efficiently.

If you want to know, which is one of the best conference phones, and who produces systems with some of the best sound quality, then you don’t have to look any further than Polycom.  This company specializes in conference phones and gives you everything you need in this type of phone system.

Polycom is a company that specializes in conference phones. The company was founded in the early 90s. The founders of Polycom, Brian Hinman and Jeff Rodman wanted to produce a system that could integrate voice, video and data solutions.  In the beginning Polycom was mainly dedicated to research and development, but then began production of the first SoundStation in the late 90s. Over the years they have acquired several video and audio conferencing companies.  Their first SoundStation was a great innovation, but left some things to be desired. The sound quality was not that great, and people on the other end said it sounded hollow, but today’s Poycom SoundStation is much different than that started some time ago.

Today Polycom is a major role player and marketer of conference phones,it has come out with the SoundStation 2. The attraction businesses have to the SoundStation is the great sound and features for a relatives inexpensive price.

The Polycom runs around $300-$800. The Polycom SoundStation2 has a triple arm design and is used for many conference rooms.  The Polycom conference phones are easy to install and the keypad is simple and easy to use. Some of the Polycom even comes with a remote control for easy manageability. The only downside to the SoundStation is that it doesn’t let you store very many phone numbers on it, but it can hold a few, and does have speed dial solutions.

Most of the modern day units have features that include noise reduction on microphones that are not being used. Another unique feature of the Polycom phone is the ability to add on additional microphones when needed. The three legs of these conference phones have built in microphones that offer 360 degree coverage and can be heard up to 10 feet away.  The Polycom is also equipped with a 2.5mm jack that can accept a cellular phone, and is perfect for places where there is not a landline available.

All in all, the Polycom is one of the best conference phones suppliers on the market today. They have been in business since the beginning of video, phone integration and know what they are doing when manufacturing conference phones.

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