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Polycom Soundstation 2W Troubleshooting & FAQ

Polycom Soundstation 2W

Polycom Soundstation 2W Wireless Conference Phone Trouble shooting and FAQ

Polycom SoundStation 2w

Q. I’m receiving No Dial Tone on a Polycom SoundStation 2W. What do I do?

The base station must be plugged into an analog telephone jack. If the dial tone is not heard, verify the following:

  • Check that the base is powered on.
  • Check that the console is operational.
  • Check that the base is connected to an analog line. Try the unit on a FAX line as fax machines typically use an analog line.

Q. What do I do if the Polycom SoundStation 2W console is unable to register to the base unit?

1. Make sure the base unit is powered on and not too far from the console, with no walls or obstacles in between
2. Verify the base unit and the console serial number match. They are paired during manufacture
3. Attempt to connect to the base,using the software Re-synch from the console: Menu >Admin Setup>Registration> Register.
Physically unplug the battery and reinstall.
4. Try to reboot the phone and reset factory settings (with the soft key menu) while plugged into AC power.
If the phone does not have a Registration selection on the menu, it may have older software. To check the version go to Menu>This Phone.

For phones with software older than 1.129, try to force the registration process. This does not work on software builds from 1.129 on.

To force a registration between the Console and Base Station:

1. After powering up both the Console and Base – press the keys 1,4 and 9 at the same time.
2. The Console LEDs will flash red and then green.
3. Release the Console keys.
4. Press the Base Page Button until the Console LEDs stop flashing and a Bong is heard. Registration is now complete.

Q. What do I do if my Polycom Soundstation 2W screen appears to flicker?

This may be because you are using a certain type of florescent lighting your building. Try moving the SoundStation2W away from  florescent lights.

Q. What if I get “No Signal” displayed when the console loses contact with the base?

Verify the following:

  • Check that the base station is powered up
  • Make sure that the console is not out of the allowed range (150 feet).
  • Move the console to a location where there are fewer obstructions or walls between console and base station.
  • If the console and base station are separated by multiple brick walls, this will reduce the available range between the base and console.

Q. Where’s the best place to place the Polycom Soundstation 2W Wireless Conference Phone?

This product is recommended for medium to large conference rooms. Polycom SoundStation 2W should be placed in the middle of the conference table. The following are recommended applications for the SoundStation2W.

SoundStation2W Conference Room Table Placement

Polycom SoundStation 2W has a pickup coverage of 360 degrees

Polycom Soundstation 2WPolycom Soundstation2WSoundstation2W

SoundStation 2W with Mics Conference Room Table Placement

Position extended microphones 7 feet from the SoundStation2W console.

Polycom Soundstation2WPolycomPolycom Soundstation

Base Station Placement

Place the Base Station with 150 ft (45.5 meter) of the SoundStation2W Console.

Q. What are the signal levels and specifications for the Soundstation 2W Auxiliary Audio Port?

Signal levels are the same for the auxiliary jack ( Polycom Soundstation2W )on the SoundStation 2W Base, “AC” refers to frequencies between 200Hz and 3kHz.

Q. Can I use multiple Polycom Soundstation 2W phones in room?

Generally No – Two or more Polycom SoundStation 2W’s in one area results in poor audio quality and possibly static

There are two kinds of issues that may be occurring. One is interference, the other is a poor transmission path between console and base station

Q. The Polycom Soundstation 2W wireless conference phone hangs and does not complete the boot process. What do I do?

At initial setup the console may hang or lock up during startup and does not complete the boot process.

This is normally a recoverable error. Remove the battery from the console, replace and turn the phone back on. The console should now boot normally with no further issue.

Q. Are Speed Dial settings lost if the battery is removed from the Polycom Soundstation 2W?

Speed Dial entries are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained if the console battery is disconnected.

Q. Is there an on/off switch for the Polycom Soundstation 2W console?

The SoundStation 2W console does not have an On/Off switch. The only way to completely remove power from the Console is to remove the batteries.

The SoundStation 2W does have a Sleep Mode that conserves battery life. Sleep Mode is activated if the phone is not in use for 20 seconds.

Q. Can I use External Speakers with the Auxiliary Audio port?

The auxiliary audio jack on the SoundStation 2W is the same as that in the original SoundStation. the output includes the local mic signal as well as the far-end audio. The end result will be feedback and poor operation if the output is to an external speaker or PA system. The Aux port was intended for recording of conference calls not for output to any sort of amplified external speaker system.


Q. Does the SoundStation 2W support attaching a handset for a private conversation?

No, it is not possible to connect a handset to the SoundStation 2W to allow a private conversation. This is a conference phone and was not designed for private calls.

You can however, attach a headset to a Polycom Soundstation for private conversation. See instructions here: https://headsetplus.com/blog/polycom-soundstation2-cell-phone-use-caller-id/