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Wireless Headsets For Large Call Centers



Do you have an office (or call center) with large number of employees using wireless headsets?  Are the wireless headsets not getting the roaming range it supposed to?  There is a reason.  Each wireless frequency have limited number of “channels”.  It will eventually run out as it reaches 40 wireless headsets in the same office area.

Plantronics just released the new Plantronics CS540-XD wireless headset running at 900mhz.  “XD” stands for “Extra Density”.  The regular Plantronics CS540 runs on 1.9Ghz DECT.  If you deploy these two models (using the two different frequencies) together in an office. You can easily get up to 100+ wireless headsets in the same office without much of an issue.

Plantronics CS540-XD

If you like the other styles, there are also CS510-XD, CS520-XD, and a new CS545-XD with unlimited talk time.

To see the whole line of wireless headsets and Plantronics Headsets, go towww.HeadsetPlus.com

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