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Get rid of that Wireless Headset Lifter!, use Jabra EHS – Part 3


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Get rid of that Wireless Headset “Lifter!”  – Part 3

– Which specific wireless headset EHS Cable do I need?

This is the third installment in this series.  This week, we’ll be discussing which specific EHS cable you’ll need if you are using a Jabra (GN Netcom) brand wireless headset system.

Just as mentioned in Part 2 of this series, you have to have a compatible phone in order for these EHS cables to work. You cannot simply use an EHS cable in place of a lifter. Also, if you are not already aware of this, GN Netcom and Jabra are one-in-the-same brand. So if you have a wireless headset system with either of these names on it, the following information will apply to you.

Here is a list of most of the popular EHS cables from Jabra/GN available at current:

  • POLYCOM  PhonesThere is (1) cable available; called the Jabra Link 14201-17. This will work with all of the “Current” Jabra/GN model wireless headset systems. There are a couple Polycom phones however, that require the use of a special cable (Polycom IP 320, 321, 330, & 331) called the 8800-00-75 cable.
  • CISCO  PhonesThere are (3) cables available; The first (2) cables will ONLY work with Cisco IP 7900 Series Phone models ending in “2G” or “5G” (ie. 7942g, 7965g – it MUST have the “G”).   The Jabra Link 16 (Only works with the older 9120, 9125, 9330e, and 9350e models), the Jabra Link 14201-22 (works with the newer 6400 & 9400 series, such as the 6470 or 9470 models), and the Jabra Link 30 (Which only works with the Cisco models 8961, 9951, and 9971, along with almost every Jabra/GN Wireless Headset System).
  • AVAYA  PhonesThere are (3) primary cables available; the Jabra Link 19 (which works with most of the Avaya 4600 & 5600 series phones), the Jabra Link 33 (which works with most of the Avaya 1400, 9400, & 9500 series phones), and lastly there’s the Jabra Link 32 (which works with a few of  the Avaya/NORTEL model phones, such as the 1120e, 1140e, 1150e, & 1165e). Again, there are a few exceptions to this rule & the model numbers need to match EXACTLY, so please be sure to check the product pages for your phone model, or give us a call.
  • SHORETEL  PhonesThere is (1) cable available; called the Jabra Link 20 Cable.  This will actually work with almost every ShoreTel model, and also with a few Avaya, Toshiba, Alcatel models as well. There are far too many to mention in this blog, so if you feel that your phone may fit into this category, please give us a call & we would be happy to check for you. This cable is both an EHS cable & a Ring-Detect kit for these telephones, so that you know your phone is ringing (While away from your desk).

* There are a select few other EHS Cables available, but for the most part, these are the main ones.

The EHS models listed above will ONLY work with the Jabra and GN Netcom wireless headset Systems. However, since they usually make a few different versions of these cables it is imperative to match the correct “Version” with your specific model wireless headset system “&” your specific model phone.

And just as with the Plantronics EHS cables, the hookup can be different on each phone brand. Some are simply plug-and-play, some require you to go into the menu settings, and still others require your phone’s firmware &/or boot-rom to meet certain criteria first.

As far as other brands go, VXI is currently on several models that may be out sometime later this year or next (2013/14), and Sennheiser makes several models that are currently available. However, for the sake of not running this article into oblivion, we will keep to Plantronics & Jabra.

That’s all for our EHS Blog. Please feel free to call us if you have compatibility questions prior to your order.

For more information, contact Sales & Product Specialist at:  1-877-999-3838

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