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Avaya labeled Nortel Norstar T7316e compatible Corded Headsets


If you have a the original “Nortel” Norstar T7316e phone, you can use any of the Plantronics H-series Headsets + an Plantronics A10 cable.  Since Avaya took over Nortel, Avaya put their logo on the phone and changed the internal electronics by removing the microphone amplifier.  Now when you use the same headset+cable that used to work on the Nortel phone, the microphone volume is so low that the caller on the other end cannot hear you.  So if you purchased these new “Avaya” brand T7316E (also labeled as: NT8B27, NT8B27AABA, NT8B27AAAA, NT8B27AABB, NT8B27JAAA, NT8B27JAAB, NTAB3198, NTAB3615, NTAB3618, NTAB3619, NTAB3620, NTAB4208, NTAB9696, NTAB9748), you will need to use the Plantronics M22 amplifier instead of the A10 cord.

Avaya-T7316EMore about other Avaya compatible headsets or models you can go HERE:

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