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Cell Phone Headsets. It’s the law in most states while driving


You must use a Headsets – It’s the law in to have them while in your car.


Ever see those cool cell phone headsets? Everyone that wears one looks real high tech, but that’s not necessarily the reason you should use one. No! You should use one because it is safer and in many states its the law. In most states in the United States you cannot use a cell phone while driving unless you use a headset.

With our current lifestyle, we want to do everything that would normally take us two days in only one day. We have such a busy life with our children, our spouses, our jobs and their various deadlines. so with all of this going on can we really ask ourselves, what are the benefits of  having a wireless headset?

The best advantage is that you will have both your hands free and can do what you need to do while driving and focus on your driving while talking on the phone.

Have you ever injured your arm or hand and had to do everything with just one arm? Well, that’s what it is like when you talk on the cell phone and worse yet drive at the same time, so why handicap yourself with only having one hand. Cell phone headsets get rid of this problem, so that when you do any activity, including driving, you will be more focused on the activity than on keeping your phone held up.

Another great advantage to using mobile headsets is that they are not only useful when driving your car but also that you are able to move around in the house, office, garden and anywhere you want while you make the calls you need to, and when you call people that put you on hold you will be able to do other things while you wait. Now all those things you have had to put off , because of your need to talk on the phone you can take care of. You can feed the kids, take the trash out, water the yard , etc.

Most Cell phone headsets come in three different types. There are ear buds with integrated microphones, units with retractable cords, and headsets with boom microphones. Most mobile headsets work with any cellular phone and most are reasonably priced. Some cellular phones use a proprietary plug which when a headset is not compatible with it, can use an adaptor and make the cellular headset compatible.

Before choosing a wireless cellular headset, you need to analyze how many hours you are on the phone and how long you think you would use the mobile headset in your car. Be sure you get one that gives you a comfortable fit.  One that is light and can give you a lot of talk time. Many of the newer models can give you up to 7 hours of talk time and only need a couple of hours to recharge.

Before you focus on price be sure to get a well known brand from a company that has been in business since the beginning of the wireless headset, that way you know you will get the best technology available.

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