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CleareOne Max Conference Phone Information


ClearOne MAX tabletop conference telephones from ClearOne’s bring affluent, complete-duplex audio through various kinds of discussion room situations at reasonable price. Phones from ClearOne MAX come with analog wired & wireless plus versions based on SIP and offer never before seen growth potential. It not only gives just expandable microphones, ClearOne MAXAttach gives telephones that are multi-linked, everyone with loudspeakers, microphones, and controls on the dial pad excellent complete room coverage. Irrespective of participants location conversing is a pleasure and natural.

ClearOne Max

A Max telephone that’s individually used in diminutive to average sized meeting rooms, business offices, plus house offices. ClearOne MAXAttach design is to cater to mid-size to big sized rooms and is supportive of max four telephones interlinked jointly.


Polycom SoundStation phones from Polycom are in direct competition with MAX phones. Post its 2003 release, we have eaten into Polycom’s market share in a growing fashion and presently stand 2nd in the market for tabletops.


Just 4 area need to be highlighted to make us stand out from the rest of the competition:

Coverage of Area Audio Performance & Quality Warranty Affordable Price

Audio Performance & Quality

All of the phones from MAX have high end performance technologies for audio processing which are there in the proficiently set up audio solutions for conferencing purpose. Consumers who take up immediate product testing have reported to us that phones from MAX have better sound. All of the phones from MAX have 3 microphones, providing complete 360° audio gathering, plus the speakers are large. For many years, an industry leader in audio, ClearOne has created various vital technologies for audio processing that feature in all MAX phones:

Full-Duplex: it stands for 2-way street audio—callers can listen & talk simultaneously. Many label themselves as being full-duplex but can’t manage even half-duplex output, in other words one person is speaking, hearing is closed sans considerable audio cutting or containment.

Distributed Echo Cancellation®: Amongst the main challenge to give high quality of sound while active conference call is doing away with acoustical boom. Doing away with boom is required for phone devices having speaker. The same is not a requirement for telephone handset as physical seclusion away from speaker & microphone is there. But still thought the mic of a speakerphone and its speaker are in close proximity & not secluded, the mic could well take audio from the side of the speaker then also return it bring in unwanted echo. Distributed Echo Cancellation® from ClearOne resolves this issue through identification of echo & eradicates it. Distributed Echo Cancellation® is a pioneering product from ClearOne and 1st introduced it in 1998.

Cancellation of Noise: A large section of rooms have ambient noise brought about by HVAC systems, computers, projectors, fluorescent lights, etc. Cancellation of noise is identifying such sounds and eradicating the same. Dissimilar to other competitive products, we at ClearOne apply a technique of digital analysis that distinguishes the speaker’s voice as separate from noise in the room while just applying cancellation of noise to the room noise.

1st Microphone Importance (CLEAR EFFECT): Upon various microphones actively working in same meeting phone, the signals shall clash at different intervals as and when reflected from ceilings, walls or other exteriors. Sound then gets distorted, often termed as “tunnel” or “hollow” sound. The technology of First Microphone Importance from ClearOne’s reduced such distortion applying intelligent voice identification process to allow just a single microphone at one time depending on closeness of the talking person. COVERAGE IN A ROOM (“ATTACH”)

A vital thing to note whilst setting up conference phones within the room is to make sure that its gets required coverage. Each of he participants must be in close vicinity of the microphone to be audible & close also to hear from the loudspeaker.

Such meeting rooms that have 6-8 members, a sole, conference phone of high-quality would be enough. Yet, for bigger sized area having lengthy oval shaped furniture, the same shall be inadequate—be it microphones or loudspeakers.

What ClearOne’s competition does is to place extra mics with phone connectivity. This isn’t the complete solution as additions can be 2 microphones. But there is just 1 loudspeaker and Just 1 dial pad. A long oval shaped table cannot be adequately covered through this configuration. What is the location of the equipment so as to allow everyone to hear and be?

MAXAttach has a better solution in such cases where daisy-chain is put in place to enter phone at once and locate them to all table connects. MAXAttach’s wired products work for 2 connects max (On Wireless daisy-chain 2 units). What’s more it is still less costly compared to its competition.

All of the phones from MAX have 3 microphones, providing complete 360° audio gathering, plus the speakers are large. MAXAttach system when applied in complete 4 phones, members have access to twelve microphones & 4 speakers spread across the room—there isn’t a product that can boast of such coverage of the room.

Whether IP or analog, MAXAttach connection are kids play. For power there are jacks in the base unit, the inward phone feed (be it Ethernet or analog), with connection going out to MAX phone. Every phone in same group has ‘Inbound Line’ and ‘Outbound Line’ jack — links must be made from phone 1 to next phone.

Dial pads advantage on being located on each of the phone is mostly overlooked. Except that phones work in tandem as one system, press mute to have an offline conversation, call dialing, volume change, etc.


Conference phones from MAX are priced reasonably, priced from one hundred to three hundred fifty dollars superior quality at prices than similar Polycom product.


There is a 2 year warranty that comes along with all conferencing products from ClearOne. Their competitors offer just one year warranty.