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Wireless Earbuds for the Office Phone


Following the tendency of computers with Moore’s Law, that in simple terms says the technology becomes faster and in some cases smaller thanks to new microchips, communication devices had been adapting and evolving to be at a pair with it.

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This time we will review some of the newest headsets for office use with your computer and with your desk phone as well, but in a new and more practical size, we are talking about the Earbud style.

Apple introduced or we should say re-introduce the earbud concept when it launched the AirPods, undoubtedly a lot of people have in mind those earbuds when you mention the words “earbuds” and “headset” together, however there is an ample menu on Earbuds Headsets that deserve mention, specially if want to be used with your computer, cell phone and even desk phone! AirPods only can be used with your cell phone and Mac, so the next Earbuds have an advantage in their favor, let’s take a look.

Jabra EVOLVE 65e UC + Link 370 Bluetooth USB Earbuds

Jabra EVOLVE 65e UC + Link 370 Bluetooth USB Earbuds

Our first option here is the Jabra EVOLVE 65e UC+Link 370, the entry level for road warriors that want an affordable and reliable headset without the compromise of bulkiness. Evolve 65e comes with the Link 370 which allows you to have a range of 100ft , making it a nice range for earbuds. Offering the well know Jabra Dual connectivity, that allows you to have 2 Bluetooth devices paired at the same time, which translates in faster response time and less missed calls by having to pair each device every time. The Evolve 65e comes with a built in busy light, up to 13 hours of

Jabra Link 950 USB Telephone Computer Switch

music time or up to 8 hours of talk time, making it one of the best options in the market for people looking for the best performance. The earbuds features magnets that allows you to snap them together and can even pause the music or end a call by simply snapping them together, making it a really convenient and discrete feature for today’s road warrior. If you want to maximize the productivity of your Evolve 65e, strongly recommend to get the Jabra Link 950, that will allow you to use your Jabra Earbuds with virtually any desk phone and computer at the same time. Order yours here.


Jabra Evolve2 Buds USB-A Bluetooth Earbuds MS Teams

Jabra just launched its second generation of their Earbuds with the latest technology from the Evolve2 family. The Jabra Evolve2 Earbuds offers an impressing talk time of up to 8 hours in a single charge before storing it back in the case to charge it again, giving a totaljabra evolve2 buds usb-a bluetooth earbuds ms teams view of up to 33 hours of talk time with one single charged case. The new improvement on the earbuds can be found on the design, being more comfortable than before, the new Active Noise Canceling feature that allows the user to block most of the noises around him/her by simply pressing one of the earbuds or by using the Jabra app on the cell phone or Jabra Direct on the computer. Hearthrough technology can be found, allowing the user to hear thru the earbuds and avoid to taking them off. Another Jabra EVOLVE2 Buds USB-A Bluetooth Earbuds MS Teamsimprovement found on the Evolve2 Buds is that the Link 380 Bluetooth adapter now goes inside the case, allowing to transport all together in one package and with that avoid loosing it, and now the user can choose if want to use either earbud or both without compromising performance, huge improvement from previous generation. Get yours HERE.

Jabra Evolve2 Buds USB-A Bluetooth Earbuds UC

Jabra offers the Evolve2 Buds in the UC variant, which had been certified to be used with all the major name UC applications, such as Zoom, Google Rooms, RingCentral, among others. The Link 380 Dongle fits properly in the case, that allows to charge both earbuds or one at a time and keep using the other, being a big improvement from the first jabra evolve2 buds usb-a bluetooth earset uc cert viewgeneration. The Evolve2 Buds offers a Qi wireless charging case, allowing to charge it without using the cables, but if the Qi pad is not available, Jabra includes the well know USB-C to USB-A charging cable. We find Jabra’s well know Active Noise Canceling ANC with different levels of graduation and the amazing Hearthrough feature that allows the user to keep the buds on and still able to listen to the work environment, being a good feature, specially if a road worker that needs to be at 100% ready to take calls and keep an eye in the room wherever is in. Get yours HERE.  

Jabra Stealth UC Bluetooth USB Headset w/Jabra Dongle

jabra stealth uc usb wireless headset w/dongle view

This might not be considered and earbud, however falls on the category of smaller headsets. The Jabra Stealth offers a very discrete and elegant design, and can be used with your cell phone or with the computer thanks to the included Link 360 dongle. Fully compatible with the Jabra Link 950 USB Telephone Computer Switch. Offering up to 6 hours of talk time in a single charge, and a full charge in 2 hours from completely discharged headset. Making it one of the best options for people looking for something compact and reliable that can carry around without the bulkiness of cords or cases. Seamless integration with your Virtual Assistant like Alexa or Google, by just one-touch you can call it and with the 4-microphone built in giving you the best response in the market.

Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC Bluetooth Headset (black), Skype Cer

Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC Bluetooth Headset (black), Skype Cer

Our last earbuds comes courtesy of Plantronics, the Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC is a nice neckband earbud style, certifies for Skype for Business. The neckband vibrates to notify if you get a phone call or any alert from applications, pretty convenient for a discrete road warrior. Plantronics offers the Active Noise Canceling on the 6200 UC which blocks the outside noise so the end user can focus on the call and make the most of it. Comes with the BT600 Dongle that gives you 100ft when used with your computer. Offering up 16 hours of music time, up 9 hours of talk time and up to 14 days of standby! Making it one of the best options for the daily use mobile professionals. You can Order yours here.

Poly Voyager 60+ UC Earbuds Bluetooth Headset, USB-A

poly voyager free 60+ uc earbuds bluetooth headset, usb-a view Poly just launched their newest earbuds to the market. The Voyager 60+ is one of the most advanced earbuds in the market, designed for people that are on the go and need a reliable ear buds for their work without compromising comfort or sound quality. We can find the new Hybrid and Adaptive Active Noise Canceling, which is well welcome in really loud environments, it impresses its performance due to the small size of the buds. The 60+ comes with an advanced charging case that allows you not to just charge the ear buds or carry the BT 700 but to even adjust the performance on the buds as it has a touchscreen that even displays vital information of the ear buds and on top of that the case is Qi wireless charging compatible. A nice feature of the 60+ is that it comes with a 3.5mm to USB cord, so you can use it as a corded ear bud on your device, being one of the first ones in an ear bud style.


You can use your Plantronics 6200 UC with any desk phone by getting a Plantronics MDA220, making your earbuds a compatible headset with any desk phone in the market. 

Plantronics MDA220 USB PC/Phone Switch for USB Headset