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Headset improves office productivity


Independent studies confirm telephone headsets improves office efficiency and productivity as much as 43%

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Studies conducted independently validate Plantronics phone headsets enhance work environment productivity & efficiency to the extent of forty-three percent.

In an ordered study, the company of H.B. Maynard Co. in its conclusion stated that by applying Plantronics hands-free headsets to traditional office communications equipment drastically enhances efficiency & call attending capacity and with time decreasing 1 linked employee plus physical distress.

While conducting the study, in excess of two thousand telephone dealings were taken into record following the time/motion method at 4 companies spread over 8 days time. 2 handed against 1 hand typing too were examined. The findings then compared amongst customers of Plantronics Quick Disconnect; conventional phone handsets & featured headsets. Job groups analyzed comprised stockbrokers, travel agents, salespeople; technical sales service personnel and those having past headset familiarity.

The findings were quite striking. Actually, Plantronics using people displayed a wide based productivity jump of about forty-three percent in comparison to control group. The telephone linked work time consumption went down considerably. There was no interruption in making repeat calls, and same for other such time-consuming tasks (like scrutinizing reference work or typing when with the phone) took less time, provided greater efficiency using Plantronics headsets.

Its wasn’t just the error rate going down & betterment in service record, but those operating round the clock using Plantronics headsets made an average of sixteen extra calls each day against those with conventional handsets. A huge indication can be drawn from the fact that those using Plantronics headsets stated superior morale, less exhaustion plus lesser phone-induced physical issues; following a week using Plantronics headsets, and returning to work one shall not have to face awkward, bulky, phones in the hands.