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Identifying Plantronics Headset Cable



– I have different Plantronics cables. How can I tell them apart?

Here are another couple questions that we are asked from time to time:

1.)    We just switched our telephones out with a different brand of phone & now we are stuck with all of these headsets that no longer work.  What can we do?


2.)    We have a drawer full of headset connection cables & can’t figure out one from another. How can we know which ones will work with which phones?

First off, you might still be able to use your old headset with your new phone. As long as your headset has a “QD” (Quick Disconnect) in the middle of the cable, then you only need match the correct brand to your headset & phone.

For starters, most everything in the headset realm is proprietary. So, if you have a Jabra headset, you will need to use it with a Jabra connection cable (Jabra, AKA GN Netcom).

Plantronics, for instance, doesn’t necessarily label all of their cables. So, it can be quite difficult to identify them from one another if you don’t know just what to look for.  The cables listed below will work with all of the Plantronics H-Series headsets. Here is a list of what to look for on Plantronics cables & how you can identify them:

Cable Name                            Description / Marks                                                                              

A10-12                       Embossed with A10 on the QD plug, Large QD plug, Smoke RJ9 modular plug

A10-16                       Embossed with A10 on the QD plug, Large QD plug, Smoke RJ9 modular plug

Cisco/M12/M22         No marks, Small QD plug, Clear RJ9 modular plug

Avaya HIP-1              Embossed with HIP on the QD plug (Discontinued)

Avaya HIC-1              Embossed with HIC on the QD plug

Avaya HIS                 Embossed with HIS on the QD plug

Polaris (U10P)          No marks, Small QD plug, Smoke RJ9 modular plug

Reverse Polaris (U10P-S)       No marks, Small QD plug, Clear RJ9 modular plug

Aastra Polaris (U10P-S19)      No marks, Small QD plug, Clear RJ45 modular plug

(There are a few others not listed here that use a 2.5mm end as opposed to a modular plug end)

*The “QD” Plug is the “Quick Disconnect” plug (A flat plug on one end of the cable that looks similar to a USB plug).

Different manufacturers have different ways of labeling their cables (If at all). So if you are ever unsure, or the list above doesn’t apply to your situation, you may be better served contacting the Technical Support for your specific manufactured part.  The top three Tech Supports requested are:

* Plantronics (1-800-544-4660)

* Jabra / GN Netcom (1-866-697-8757)

* VXi (1-800-742-8588)

Stay tuned for more information next week!

 For more information, contact Sales & Product Specialist at:  1-877-999-3838

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