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Jabra Evolve2 75 Review in Depth


Jabra Evolve2 75 UC Stereo Bluetooth Headset USB-A

Today we will discuss some of the goods and no-goods of the latest addition in the Jabra Evolve2 75. We are going to start with the nice features this new headset comes with.

jabra evolve2 75 uc stereo bluetooth headset usb-a viewThe Evolve2 75 is a well built headset with a mix of 2 different kinds of memory foam, for people that can’t notice the difference by touching with the fingers trust me, it is there. This helps the headset to block noises around the user and it helps the headset to be cooler as it covers both ears and this is helpful for people that are on the phone all day. The matte finish on the headset is well appreciated as it helps the headset to get less dirty than a glossy finish that gets dirty by simply touching the headset. The gun metal color on the headset is a nice touch making the Evolve2 75 to look even discrete and at pair is the big names in the market.jabra evolve2 75 ms stereo bluetooth headset usb-c, teams view

I really appreciate the short boom arm in the Evolve2 75 as it pretty much track the voice and its a nice touch as other microphone boom arms makes me feel like i am going to poke my eye when i bring the boom arm up or down. A nice touch from Jabra is that you can answer the softphone in your computer (depending in application) or your cell phone by bringing the boom down and you can mute the boom by bringing it up. The built in Alexa found in the Evolve2 75 is appreciated for users with Alexa at home as you can control many devices from your headset even if you are not there.

jabra evolve2 75 uc stereo bluetooth headset usb-a w/stand viewIt is appreciated the improved busy light found in the Evolve2 75, as they are more noticeable than the ones from the previous generation. You have Active Noise Canceling and being honest, I love the HearThrough feature that allows you to hear thru the headset, which means you can keep the headset on and have a conversation with a person face to face. Android users will love the Fast Pair from Google that allows you so pair it by bringing it close to your Android device, I wish Apple would have something like that. The Evolve2 75 comes with a nice carrying pouch giving it a full advantage, protection and nice touch versus the competition as they only give carrying small bags.

jabra evolve2 75 ms stereo bluetooth headset usb-c w/stand teams viewThe Evolve2 75 can be used as a corded headset thanks to the USB-C to USB-A cord that comes with it, making it an option for people that want to use their headset with their laptop but either forgot their Link 380 or can’t use Bluetooth at certain locations. The smart sensors work great and they act in real time, allowing you to pause your streaming on the computer or mute the mic in a phone call by taking the headset off  and resume your streaming in the computer or unmute the mic by putting the headset on. The Link 380 offers different colors that alerts you if something is going on your computer/headset.

The Evolve2 75 offers 2 modes, Performance Mode that with the boom arm out has the best sound quality on a call and Discreet Mode, that with the boom arm up the headset works a boom less mic headset, so people can still make calls with boom arm up.

Now that we have discussed the good thigs of the Evolve2 75, lets mention the no-goods where improvement can be hold.

The Evolve2 75 comes with the Link 380, and Jabra is real in the facts that the Range of the headset is 100 feet, in my testing i found out to be real as I tried to stream a webinar and try to take my pet to pee, the webinar started to cut in out, mainly because the Link 380 is a Class 1 version 5.0 Bluetooth device, wondering why Jabra offers what we can call the flagship with some outdated dongle, as other competitors even offer their dongles on versions up to 5.3 Class1.

jabra evolve2 75 uc stereo bluetooth headset usb-a w/stand view

The Evolve2 75 as you can see with its stand lays down on the side, so people with limited space on their desk will need to make sure that they can laydown the headset on the left side as it does not offers a stand up stand as the Evolve2 65, I found that a little frustrating as my desk has limited space and the best way how to let a headset to rest is standing up, I wish Jabra would offer an alternative for this.

Overall the Evove2 75 has good sound quality, nice features that overcome the improvement areas. With all this I’ll still choose the Evolve2 75 as a daily use headset and for the same reason I’ll give him a solid B+ as the new kid on the block. Get yours HERE.

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