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Jabra Pro 9460, 9460-Duo & 9470 Wireless Headset Microphone Volume


If you have installed your Jabra¬†Pro 9460 or 9470 your audio/voice settings may need some tweaking. The headset speaker volume is easy enough to figure out, with an easy-to-use touch area located on the side of your headset. You may wonder if this effects your microphone volume- it does not. Maybe you’ve done some searching through the Settings Menu located at the top-right of your touch screen, the microphone volume adjustment is not there either.

There is a special settings menu you can only get to while your headset is activated- either on a call or activated and receiving a dial tone.

Once activated, press the settings button and scroll down until you see the option ‘microphone level>’.

Here you can edit the volume, and if you have someone to listen in and check that the volume level is right, great; if you don’t, edit the volume until you can no longer- or, barely- hear your voice echo talking at your normal tone.

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