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Panasonic KX-UTG200 and KX-UTG300 Plantronics Wireless Headset EHS Cable


Panasonic has designed and released two new SIP phone systems for professionals. Originally, when one purchased a Panasonic phone and wanted to utilize a wireless headset remotely one needed either a lifter, or- if you had an EHS 3.5 mm port- a specific cable called the Plantronics 3.5mm cable for Panasonic phones.

Plantronics 84757-01 Savi/CS500 EHS Cable for Panasonic Phone

Since Panasonic has released their new phones (KX-UTG300/200), they have put in new EHS ports which now look and function like other EHS ports, located on letter D in the below diagram.

The Panasonic KX-UTG300/200 has only been tested with a few headsets and so far information is limited, however according to Panasonic the EHS they have tested to work is the Plantronics APC-43 for Plantronics wireless headsets. Jabra Link 22 EHS Adapter for Jabra 9400 series wireless headsets and Jabra Link 43 for Jabra 920 series wireless headsets.

Plantronics APC-42 CS500/Savi EHS Cable Cisco IP Phones

For Corded headsets, you can pick any headset from the JABRA/GN DIRECT CONNECT HEADSET page, it comes with the RJ9 adapter cable for these Panasonic phones, setting 6 on the bottom cable.  (see pic below)

Jabra Biz 1500

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