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What You Should Know about Jabra Wireless Headsets


Jabra (formerly GN Netcom) has launched the next generation of wireless headsets made for office desk phones. These new GN Netcom headsets include the Jabra Engage 65 Mono Wireless Headset System. This new headset that replaced the old Pro 9470 offers dual connectivity and is fully compatible with office desk phones and 1 computer at the same time. The base comes with a micro USB cable to USB-A so it can be plugged to any free USB port on the computer. Thanks to its advanced chipset that offers 3X of wireless density, this translates in more Engage wireless headset in a smaller office without sacrificing performance or creating interruption between headsets. 

jabra engage 65 mono wireless headset system view

The Engage 65 comes in different version as the Mono, Stereo and Convertible. The later one offers a more discrete microphone boom arm and you can wear it over the head or behind the neck by getting the headband or neckband that are sold separately as thisjabra engage 65 stereo wireless headset system view headset only comes with the ear hook to be worn over the ear.

Thanks to its chipset the Engage 65 offers a further range of up to 490 feet on line of jabra engage 65 convertible wireless headset viewsight and higher DECT frequency encryption, giving piece of mind to the user looking for a higher encryption wireless headset for their conversations. We can find built in busy lights on all models with one light located in the earcup and the second busy light located on the tip of the microphone boom arm. Jabra’s advanced noise canceling microphones help the user to get a crystal clear conversation and they meet Microsoft’s open office requirements when on Teams meetings. Making it a powerful ally while on the office. The base has the Answer/End call keys and easy to read LED indicators for the battery life, device engaged and conference mode/pairing.


jabra engage 75 mono wireless headset system view

For users looking for a wireless headset and being able to use it with multiple devices, Jabra offers the Engage 75 family. The Jabra Engage 75 Mono Wireless Headset System is the top of the chain on Jabra’s lineup allowing to use it with the office desk phone, 2 computers as the base has 2 micro USB ports and comes with the cables to plug into the computers, and 2 Bluetooth enable devices. Designed for people with more than a basic setup at the office and wanting only one comfortable wireless headset for all the devices.

jabra engage 75 stereo wireless headset system viewSimilar to the Engage 65 family, the Engage 75 offers a higher encryption chipset and for the same reason 3X of wireless density with higher DECT encryption for a more secure call while on use. Jabra’s advanced noise canceling microphones can be found on the boom arm of them as well. The Engage 75 can be ordered as Mono, Stereo and Convertible. The Engage 75 Convertible can be worn over the head, over the ear or behind the neck, different from the Engage 65 the Engage 75 Convertible comes with the neckband and headband as this isjabra engage 75 convertible wireless headset system view considered a true convertible wireless headset.

The Base of the Engage 75 family differs from the 65 as it switches the Answer/End keys for a touchscreen that offers all the information like battery life, talk time, device engage, mute and the end user can use it to customize the headset functions and is used for conference mode allowing to have 3 headsets paired to the same base.

Special mention regarding the Jabra 65/75 Mono and Stereo headset is that you can replace their battery as you can replace the ear cushions as well. However the Engage 65/75 for the same reason of its size the battery can’t be replaced as it’s a sealed headset. When the battery dies on this model you will need to get a replacement headset and just do the hot pairing to the base.

jabra pro 920 mono wireless headset system viewGN Netcom also offers high quality wireless headsets such as  Jabra Pro 920 Wireless Headset, Jabra Pro 920 are affordable and are versatile, this model is designed to work with your desk phone only as the base only connects to RJ ports such as handset or headset port on the back of the phone. So, what else would you ask for if Jabra offers the best headsets?



Jabra recently launched the new Engage 55 family as a computer wireless headset with a range of up to 490 feet on line of sight. The range is really impressive for a computer headset thanks to the Jabra Link 400 with a flexible design allowing to keep the dongle plugged in and not be worried that it might break by accident. The Engage 55 can be found as Convertible, Mono and Stereo. Same as the Engage 75 convertible, the Engage 55 convertible comes with the headband, neckband and ear hook to be worn however the user wants.

Higher encryption can be found on the headset, making it a nice alternative for users worried about encryption on their wireless headsets while on a call on their computer. The Engage 55 is Microsoft Teams Certified and it supports any of the major UC platforms. The Engage 55 Mono and Stereo meet the Premium Microphone for Open Office standard.

The Engage 55 family headsets are fully compatible with the Engage 65/75 Bases as they offer hot pairing making it easy to pair the headset to the base by simply putting the headset on the base and rest/charge.

GN Netcom, a Danish company, in 2000, GN Netcom acquired Jabra and have since changed the name to Jabra.