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New 2024 Poly Office Desk phone Headsets



Two mighty giants, one common task: provide the best sound and best performance in telecommunications for the current office employees while keeping everything under one roof. Plantronics and Polycom are now together as Poly. Partner of choice for the communications and collaboration ecosystem. Plantronics is now Poly.

Those are the words from Poly, so from now on some of the well know products from Plantronics will be known as Poly, and the Polycom phones will be know as Poly Desk phones, and today, we will review and analyze some of the products compatible with their respective line of desk phones.

DECT Wireless Poly headsets:

Poly (Plantronics) Savi 7210 Office Wireless Headset, Mono Style

Poly (Plantronics) Savi 7210 Office Wireless Headset, Mono Style

The new Poly (Plantronics) Savi 7210 is one of the first headsets from the new Poly with a new and improved design with an improved range now of up to 400 feet on line of site against the previous generations of barely 300 feet, on a wireless DECT frequency of 64 bit encryption. With an improved talk time on a single charge of up to 12 hours , with a stand by time of 50 hours. This headset comes with the well known Sound Guard technology that protects against sound levels above 118dBA, which can seriously damage the user’s hearing. The design is a really elegant and sophisticated design going into a new direction that looks more appealing that before and without compromising a nice design. You can order yours HERE.

Poly (Plantronics) Savi 7220 Office Wireless Headset Stereo

For those that need a stereo sound quality for a loud work environment, Poly offers the new Savi 7220 that comes with an elegant and practical design, covering both ears with a leatherette ear cushions. The well and improved known range of up to 400 feet on line of site, and the talk time of 12 hours as well as the mono sibling. Pretty light headset with a weight of 138g , which is a nice feature, considering this is a stereo headset. Volume controls and call controls built into the headset, making it easy to increase, decrease, mute microphone answer and end calls, when the right remote answer solution is included. Flexible microphone boom arm with noise canceling technology from Poly, easy to setup into your Poly desk phone. Get yours HERE.

Poly Savi 7310 Office Wireless Headset Mono, desk phone and PC

Poly Savi 7310 Office Wireless Headset Mono, deskphone and PC

The latest addition from Poly is the new Savi 7310 Office which offers the highest encryption on DECT frequency that is of 256 bit AES encryption, designed specifically for a maximum secure channel in a wireless headset. Thanks to the new encryption, the new Savi 7310 offers you the longest range, that is of 580 feet on line of sight. One feature that I do enjoy of this headset is that you can use it with virtually any Poly desk phone, and you can use it at the same time with your computer, by USB-A or USB-C, this particular model comes with both cables that allows you to choose either of this ports, really convenient as some people use laptops with only USB-C or people that use desktops with only USB-A. The talk time of this new unit is up to 13 hours in a single charge or over 50 hours on standby. Get yours HERE.

Poly Savi 7320 Office Stereo Wireless Headset, desk phone and PC

Poly Savi 7320 Office Stereo Wireless Headset, deskphone and PC

Poly offers the well known stereo sound quality with the Savi 7320, offering the highest encryption of 256 bit AES DECT, with one of the furthest range of roaming of up to 580 feet on line of sight and the amazing 13 hours of talk time, similar to its Mono sibling. Built in volume controls, allowing you to modulate the volume coming out of your headset and mute the microphone with a simply touch, the built in call controls allows you to answer and end calls from the distance, as long as you have your remote answer adapter in your desk phone. The Savi 7320 comes with both connectivity for desk tops and laptops as it comes with USB-A and USB-C cables. The headset is compatible with all major soft phone applications, simply use the Plantronics Hub into your computer that allows you to get the best performance on your headset. Order yours HERE.

Plantronics Savi 8210 Wireless Headset Monaural, Savi 8200 

plantronics savi 8210 wireless headset monaural, savi 8200 view

Plantronics offers the Savi 8210 headset with multi connectivity, so this means that the headset can be used with the desk phone, with the computer and with a Bluetooth enable device, thanks to the built in Bluetooth in the base. The Savi 8210 offers a range of up to 590 feet on line of sight, on a wireless DECT frequency, so you can feel free to walk to another room without being cut in and out. Offers a 13 hour of talk time with a single charge and up to 50 hours of standby. Telecoil Hearing Aide compatible and with a flexible microphone boom arm. Built in buys light at the base that let you know which device is bein in use and if you are muted as well. Order yours HERE.

Plantronics Savi 8220 Wireless Headset Binaural Savi 8200 series

plantronics savi 8220 wireless headset binaural savi 8200 series viewWe do have the Plantronics Savi 8220 now, that allows you to use it with any of your Poly desk phones, and with the computer via USB-A, the built in Bluetooth to the base allows you connectivity to your cell phone and the built in busy lights at the base, let you know which device is engage and if the microphone is muted. Active Noise Canceling is found on both ear cups, allowing the user to turn on this feature if its a really noisy environment, noise canceling microphone can be found in the flexible boom arm. Telecoil Hearing aid compatible for users in need of this feature on their headsets. Talk time of 13 hours in a single charge, making it a nice contender for people looking the best performance with noise canceling microphones and with easy setup. The range on this particular unit is of up to 590 feet thanks to its DECT Security certification, compatible with remote answer adapters for Poly desk phones, computers with USB-A ports and any cell phone or tablet with built in Bluetooth. Get yours HERE.

Poly offers the new out of the pipeline, the Savi 7400 Office series as a really welcoming upgrade from the Savi 7300 Office wireless headsets. For Savi 7300 Office headsets the first thing they will notice will be the design of the headset as Poly took the old say of “If ain’t broken, don’t fix it”, and they took the headset, however they did a huge improvement on the base! As you can see, the new Savi 7410 Office base now offers a LED color screen, allowing a more user friendly interface and allowing volume customization form the base directly, so no longer needed to go into your computer to customize the desired feedback or ringer volume. The new interface the base offers is of triple connectivity now, which means that the same wireless headset can be used with a desk phone, a computer thanks to the included USB cable and a Bluetooth enable device as the base offers built in Bluetooth capability, allowing a user to have one single wireless headset with the 3 devices inside the office. Taking the technology from the Savi 7300 Office family, the base offers a high encryption chipset that allows a range of up to 590 feet on line of sight and a more secure connection when on a live call. Order yours HERE

poly savi 7420 office stereo wireless headset, 7400 series view

For users wanting a true stereo sound quality wireless headset without the compromise of range and noise canceling microphone, Poly offers the Savi 7420 Office as your answer! Similar specs as the Mono sibling, but in this case covering both ears without the compromise of battery lifetime as it offers a talk time of up to 13 hours of talk time in a single charge! The base offers triple connectivity allowing to be used with the desk phone, computer and Bluetooth enable device at the same time. Thanks to the new LED screen and the scroll wheel located in the back of the base, makes it easier to navigate thru the menus of customization and it offers vital information to user at a glimpse. The new and redesigned device keys allows to easily select the device to be engaged and they light up as well when engaged on desired device. Acoustic Fence technology can be found on the microphones in the bendable boom arm that can be worn on either side in order to find the most comfortable position for all day use. Thanks to the included USB-A and USB-C cables, allows the base to be able to plug in to any desktop or laptop and fully compatible with Windows OS and MacOS. Get yours HERE.  

Side note: Savi 7300 headsets (Office and UC) are compatible with the new Savi 7400 Office base and vice versa.

poly savi 8410 office wireless headset mono view

Some people will might find this headset slightly familiar and in indeed it is! As mentioned before, if you have a nice and efficient product, the only thing you can do its to improve it as the sky is the limit! Poly used this thought and give us the new Savi 8400 Office wireless headsets, with the notorious range of up to 590 feet on line of sight thanks to its military grade encryption chipset on the base, making it the best ally for secure communications while on live calls. The Savi 8410 Office offers a mono style headset covering one ear with microphone noise canceling with close conversation limiting, meaning this is the best noise canceling for loud office environments during daytime. Thanks to the new redesigned base we can first notice the grateful and appreciated LED screen that offers important information to the user as battery life, talk time, date and time among others. Thanks to the easy to locate device keys now at the face of the base allows the user to easily select the device wanted to engage and they work as busy light and visual reminder to the user if muted as when on mute they will switch to red giving a warning when the user is muted. Get yours HERE

poly savi 8420 office wireless headset binaural 8400 series view

For louder office spaces, Poly offers its new Savi 8420 Office wireless headset as the way to go. Thanks to the Active Noise Canceling (ANC) feature, allows the user to turn on this and block most of the unwanted noises of a busy office and stay focused on the call. The noise canceling microphone located in the bendable boom arm offers close conversation limiting, helping to have the best sound coming out from the user to the other end of the call. Range of up to 590 feet on line of sight is found as with the mono sibling and same high encryption chipset, making it a secure headset for important calls. Telecoil Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) which is a really appreciated feature by users with hearing aids in the need of a wireless headset that let them keep their hearing aids on while at work on calls. LED color screen with scroll wheel located in the back of the base makes it easy to navigate and customize the volume controls and basic features of the headset without the use of the computer, triple connectivity can be found as it can be used with the desk phone, computer and a Bluetooth enabled device at the same time. Thanks to the easy to toggle luminated keys located in the front face of the base, let the user to choose which device to engage and work as mute reminders, on top of that the headset offers by default a warning on the headset if it detects the user going to speak while muted, will hear the warning “Muted” which can be changed or turned off by the computer settings using the Poly Lens app for the desktop. Order yours HERE

Side note: Savi 8200 headsets (Office and UC) are compatible with the new Savi 8400 Office base and vice versa, this applies only to Mono and Stereo versions only.

poly savi 8445 office wireless headset convertible view

For users wanting something really light weight, more compact and to be worn on different ways, Poly offers the new Savi 8445 Office, this is the natural replacement of not one but two headsets! The Savi 8240 AND 8245 Office, the move of this is to make it easier for ordering as it was a little confusing to see the difference between them. Thanks to the new LED color screen that other siblings come with, allows to make the volume customization and basic settings from the base itself instead of going thru the computer, making it easier as the user friendly interface and menus can be navigated thru the scroll wheel located in the base. This is a Unlimited Talk time headset with a hot swappable battery, which means in the box you will find an extra battery and a USB charger allowing to charge it have it ready and to replace batteries in middle of calls without dropping calls or hanging up. Offering triple connectivity, the Office base can be used with the desk phone, computer and a Bluetooth enable device at the same time. Order yours HERE

Bluetooth Wireless Poly headsets:

For people that wants to use their headset out of the office with their mobile devices, Poly offers these alternatives:

poly voyager 5200 office bluetooth headset 2-way base view

Poly offers the replacement of the old CS530 wireless headset on the shape of the new Voyager 5200 Office wireless headset as a Bluetooth Class 1 headset with a range of up to 300 feet that is similar to the one that replaces and the new base now offers triple connectivity as it can used with the desk phone, computer and be paired to a Bluetooth enable device and take out of the office and keep using it thanks to its over the ear wearing style only. Making it a favorite for users looking for a discrete headset and to take out on the road. The WindSmart technology with four microphones in the discrete boom arm helps the user to avoid loud noises that can hurt while on use and thanks to its P2i coating, helps to combat moister when in use. The Voyager 5200 can be charged out of the base using the included micro USB cable for easy charging while on the road. Get yours HERE

poly voyager 4245 office convertible bluetooth headset 214700-01 view

Poly offers the design of their CS540 and the triple connectivity of the Savi Office with the new Voyager 4245 Office as a Bluetooth Class 1 headset with a range of up to 300 feet on line of sight. The Convertible style makes it one of the best offers for people wanting a light weight, discrete and easy to use headset as this can be worn over the head, over the ear or behind the neck, thanks to the included accessories. Voice prompts let user know when device is connected, disconnects, muted or if answering call and those can be turn on/off at will using the Poly Lens app for the desk top or for the mobile device. Talk time of up to 12 hours in a single charge and thanks to the included battery and charger, this is considered a Unlimited talk time headset that allows to swap batteries in the middle of calls without dropping calls while doing that. One of the best Bluetooth Class 1 headset for desk phones and for the road at the same time. Get yours HERE

Poly Voyager Focus 2 Office USB-A Bluetooth Stereo Headset  (Staff Favorite)

Poly Voyager Focus 2 Office USB-A Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Poly brings this new addition to their line up, the Poly Voyager Focus 2 Office USB-A Bluetooth Stereo Headset. The new Focus 2, offers Active Noise Canceling, with 3 levels of advantage digital hybrid noise canceling technology, being one of its kind allowing the user to determine how much noise canceling is required depending on the location. The microphone boom has the newest technology from Poly known as Poly Acoustic Fence, with two microphones facing the user and one to the outside, with this set up allows the voice of the user be the most crystal clear to the other end. The Poly Voyager Focus 2 Office offers you multi connectivity, as it can be used with virtually any desk phone, computer via USB-A and your smart phone via built in Bluetooth, allowing the user to take the headset down the road and keep using it at different locations with the smart phone paired to. The range of this headset when used with the computer or desk phone is of 300 feet, being a good amount for people that need to roam around the office. Smart sensors know when the headset is laying down or when the user is putting it on, this is helpful if playing music can pause it, or can mute the microphone by taking the headset off. Built in busy light in both sides of the headset, making it really convenient when at open office environment. Talk time of 19 hours with single charge, built in volume controls and answer/end calls as well. Microphone boom can be worn in either right or left side, making it a nice option for people with personal preference of location. Order yours HERE.

Side note: The Office Base offers a better and steadier connection with the Voyager headsets as both are Class 1 and offers the range up to 300 feet from the base as the base works as a range booster antenna. For same reason even if a laptop has built in Bluetooth to use the base as the laptop class is not the same as the headset creating less range and microphone miscommunication.