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Plantronics Commercial Aviation Headset Frequently Ask Questions



Q. Are the new Plantronics aviation headsets FAA approved?

Yes. The products meet the FAA’s TSO (Technical Standard Order) C57a and C58a specifications that dictate the performance of headsets that are used aboard aircraft. These FAA specifications are also referred to as “airworthiness” standards, and cover such performance characteristics as audio levels and flammability standards. Typically, even though the FAA is a U. S.-only agency, these FAA flight standards are recognized throughout the world as the de facto specifications.

Q. Do the new headsets work in ALL commercial aircraft?
Aircraft radio communication equipment is typically configured in one of two variations with regard to headset connectors – a single-prong connector and a two-prong connector. Plantronics has both cables available for each model. The two-prong connectors are the most common.

Q. What type of aircraft are the new headsets designed for?
The new Plantronics headsets provide excellent sound quality in commercial aircraft. Generally however, due to their lightweight design, they are not well-suited for use in noisy environments, such as those found in light aircraft.

Q. Do the new headsets have Active Noise Reduction?
No. The new Plantronics lightweight headsets were developed specifically for use in the cockpits of commercial aircraft, which are relatively quiet. ANR is appropriate for use in environments where high levels of background noise exist, i.e. light aircraft. ANR products are more costly and complex due, in part, to the in-line battery pack.

Q. What do the products ship with?
Black carrying case, user guide, and extra leatherette or foam ear cushions for the over the ear models.

Q. Are there accessories that complement these products (Call for availability)?
Leatherette ear cushions – part# 67712-01
Foam ear cushions – part# 40709-01
Carrying Case – part# 71226-01

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