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Plantronics CS70, CS70N Replacement Battery


Did your Plantronics CS70 or CS70N wireless headset battery die?

Plantronics CS70N
Plantronics CS70 or Plantronics CS70N wireless headsets do not have user replaceable batteries. The tiny lithium-ion battery is soldered in the wireless headset, so you cannot replace it.  After the battery dies, you will need to replace the entire earpiece with another one, see here: Plantronics CS70N Replacement Headset.

Plantronics no longer make the CS70 model (only the CS70N) or a replacement headset for CS70. However, you can use the same replacement headset for the Plantronics CS70N, Plantronics part number 72910-01, on your CS70. This is a noise canceling headset, unlike the CS70 headset which is only a voice tube (without background noise canceling). Typically the battery in the CS70/CS70N will last anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on usage.

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