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Plantronics T10/T20 Telephone Headset Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Will Plantronics T10/T20 work with my existing telephone? The T10 and T20 models are telephones and not amplifiers. Therefore these models will replace you existing telephone rather that attach to it. These are single line analog telephones for in home/office use. Please note: these models will not be compatible with a digital phone line. Digital phone lines support multiple phone lines rather than a single line.

Can I use my Plantronics “H” series headset with my Plantronics T10/T20? No, The T10 and the T20 models are both sold as a complete units. Plantronics does not recommend using other headsets with the T20 or T10 telephone systems. The Plantronics T10H is the model telephone you will be able to connect a Plantronics H-series headset to.

Can I use call waiting services with your Plantronics T10 and T20 analog phones? Yes, the T10 and T20 telephones do have a FLASH button for call waiting features. If you have call waiting service and you hear the call waiting tone, press FLASH to accept the waiting call. There may be a short pause, and then you will hear the new caller.
To return to the original caller, press “TALK/FLASH” again.
Please note that call waiting is a service offered by your telephone provider, and you will need to contact them directly to subscribe.

Is there replacement headset for my Plantronics T10 or T20? Yes, click on the following links for replacement headsets: Plantronics T10/T20 replacement headset

How do I get replacement AC wall adapter for my Plantronics T10 or T20? We stock the replacement Plantronics T10/T20 AC wall adapter or you can call us direct at 877-999-3838 directly to place the order.


Can I use the Plantronics T20 with more than one telephone line? The Plantronics T20 itself is a two-line telephone. It can connect into either a dual line jack or two separate line jacks.

How do I install my T20 Headset Telephone? The T20 can be connected to 2 separate telephone lines.
1) Connect the AC power adapter to the T20. Plug the other end into a wall outlet.
2) Connect the T20 to the telephone line in your wall.
If the jack is dual-line, connect the dual-line cord (with the white tag) to the T20’s Telephone Line 1/2 jack.
If each line is a separate jack, connect one of the wall cords to the T20’s Dual-line jack and the other to the Line 2 jack.
3) Set the Tone/Pulse switch (touch-tone phones can use tone).
4) Set the Ringer Volume Control for incoming calls to your preferred level.
5) Plug the headset into the T20’s Headset Jack.
6) For most U.S. customers, the flash timing switch (for call waiting) should be set to “3. ” However, trying other settings will not harm the T20 or your phone line.
Please see the User’s Guide below for more information.

I cannot hear a dial tone on my T20. What should I do? If you have been using the T20 and it no longer makes any sound out of the ear piece, it could be a sign of a faulty headset speaker. Try connecting the headset to another T20 base to learn if the headset is the problem. If this is a new installation, note that the T20 is an analog 2-line phone which cannot work in place of a digital phone in office environments. However, some digital phone systems can provide an analog extension which will work with the T20; check with your phone or IT manager to learn if you phone system supports analog extension.

How do I conference callers with the T20? Place the first caller on hold. Connect the second caller and push “conference.”

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