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Plantronics Savi W740 Frequently Ask Questions and Troubleshooting


Plantronics Savi W740

Q. What are the new features in Plantronics  W740 compare to the previous Plantronics Savi WO100 model?

  • Multi device support: PC, desk and now mobile phone
  • Easily switch between and mix audio across devices
  • Wideband audio support for desk phone and PC
  • Intelligently reconnect to mobile phone when in range
  • New convertible headset (3 wearing styles)
  • Unlimited talk time with hot swappable battery
  • Lightest DECT headset in the market (21 grams)
  • Elegant magnetic docking and instant mute
  • Synchronized call presence across all three connected devices
  • Automatically subscribe a new headset simply by docking into base
  • Up to 3 guest headsets can now stay on through multiple calls


Q. How is possible the talk time be “unlimited”?

The new Plantronics Savi W740 features a hot swappable battery that can provide the user with unlimited talk time. The Savi W740 has a series of accessory options to provide this functionality. W740 can give up to 7 hours of talk time on a single charge which is sufficient for the majority of users.

Q. Can I use my existing Savi Office headset tops on the new Savi W740 base?

A firmware update will be made available for the Savi Office headsets via the Plantronics.com support site so they are fully operational with the Savi W740 bases. It will also be possible to use the new Savi W740 headset on the current Savi Office base.

Q. What is audio benefit of wideband over narrowband?

the traditional desktop office phones are limited in their audio bandwidth (300 to 3.6KHz). As a comparison the human voice has a bandwidth of approximately 100 to 5KHz so the very low and high voice frequencies are lost making you sound less natural. More modern telephones such as IP desk phones and PC soft phones enable a much wider range of voice frequencies to be transmitted and received. Current mobile phones in the market only support narrowband audio.

Q. What is adaptive power and why is it a benefit in the office?

DECT 6.0 technology can give you a range up to 350 ft. in the office environment, but there is a limit to the number of concurrent users and this is called “user density”. The adaptive power feature detects how far you are from the base unit and turns the DECT radio power down to match your distance. Therefore the closer to the base unit the less radio power is emitted. This has two benefits, you can have more DECT users in the same area (better user density) and the headset uses less battery power thus improving talk and standby time.

Q. What do I do when I get Battery Low Level warning?
A. First, check your battery level – two way to check your battery level:
1) Check the status using the system Tray Icon on your PC – With Plantronics software installed, a headset icon will displaying battery status. A warning will be issued if your headset’s battery is low.

W740 icon

2) Check the status using the Base – When the system is idle, short press the base subscription button once to get feedback on the headset battery level. The computer, mobile and desk phone button LED’s will light up, indicating your headset battery level.

Q. How do I fix the echo in my Plantronics W740 wireless headset?

A. Wireless Headset echo is very common and it’s a simple adjustment fix. Depending on your telephone’s original volume, you will need to fine tune your wireless headset. with any one of the following steps:

1) For most telephones the correct setting is position 3 ( you can try other settings if still doesn’t work)
2) If the audio level is too low, increase the headset volume. If your speaking volume is too low for your listener, adjust the position of the headset to make sure the microphone is as close as possible to your mouth.
3) On the Plantronics W740 Savi base, lower the speaking and/or listening volume to a level where it no longer echo’s.
4) Adjust the configuration switch on the base until a dial tone is heard. The default A works for most phones.

  1. Q. I don’t hear a dial tone in my Plantronics Savi W740?

If you don’t hear a dial-tone, try any of these following adjustments:

Make sure your headset is fully charged (charge your new headset overnight before using)

Make sure your headset is subscribed to the base if you have spare or new headset.

On the base of the W740, Press the base desk phone button (see below):

    • Savi W740
      Press the call control button on the headset to open the audio link from the headset to the device (see picture below):
      Savi W740
    • Make sure the handset lifter is lifting the handset high enough to operate the hookswitch – adjust the height setting if necessary.

Change the configuration switch on the base until a dial tone is heard. The default A works for most phones – but not always.

Fine tune the Savi W740 headset volume level with the headset call control button. If the wireless headset volume is still too low, adjust the desk phone listening volume on the base.

Q. My Plantronics Savi W740 sound is distorted, what do I do?

A. Try any of the following:

If your telephone has a volume control, lower it until the distortion disappears.

On the Savi W740 base, turn down the out-going and/or listening volume. For most telephones the setting is position 3 (but not always)

If the distortion is still present, adjust the headset volume control to lower the headset speaker volume.

Check and make sure there is 12 inches between your base and your computer (or other electronic device such as an electronic calculator), and 6 inches between your base and telephone

Q. How do I set the wireless headset range of my Plantronics W740 and why do I need to change it?

  • Changing the range setting can help with your wireless headset audio quality, improve user density (more wireless headsets in the same office) or restrict range of users. The distance range settings are define as:

    High Range – Up to 350 feet
    Medium Range – Up to 150 feet
    Low Range – Up to 50 feet
    Note: If you frequently use your W740 away from your base, you may experience a decrease in talk time due to the extra battery power it requires to communicate with the base.
    With the system not in use, press the subscription (1) and desk phone (2) buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. The desk phone button flashes green for high range.

To change to medium range setting, press the subscription button again for 3 seconds. The desk phone button flashes yellow.
To change to the low range setting, press the subscription button again for 3 seconds. The desk phone button flashes red.
1Savi W7402Savi W740
Q. How do I set W740 with my Bluetooth device like my cell phone?

A. Your Bluetooth enable cell phone can be paired to multiple Bluetooth headsets, but it can only be used with one device at a time. The following are instructions for pairing your cell phone to the base.

Press down and hold the Bluetooth pairing button for 4 seconds on the Savi base until the indicator light flashes red and blue. The base will remain in this mode for 10 minutes. If it goes off, you will need to press it again.

Place the Bluetooth device into search mode. Select Savi 7xx from the list of found devices.

When prompted, type “0000” as the passcode

The Bluetooth indicator LED on the Savi W740 base will turn solid blue when the base has an active connection with the Bluetooth device.