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What is Noise Cancellation on a Headset?



What is Noise Cancellation on a Professional Office Headset?
Many people looking for a professional office telephone headset are looking to block out noises from their office environment. Noises such as phones ringing, people talking or laughing, printers and fax machines can all make having a professional conversation over the phone very challenging.

Most people equate “noise cancellation” with popular headphones designed to block out external noise like plane engines, allowing you to listen to your music or movie more clearly and at a comfortably sound volume level. This is called “active noise cancellation”. The headphone system produces an opposite or negative sound wave to cancel the incoming noise. In mathematics, it is very similar to adding a negative number to the positive number to get a zero  {10 + (-10) = 0}. It is not perfect, but it will greatly reduce the amount of outside noise that you hear, allowing you to listen at a more comfortable volume level.

Noise cancellation in a professional office headset is very different. It is designed to prevent the person on the other end of the phone, from hearing the noise and commotion occurring in your office. The noise cancellation is on the microphone, not on the speakers of the headset. Generally, a noise cancellation headset has two or more microphones built into the microphone boom. One is designed for your voice and the additional microphone(s) are used to evaluate and reduce external noises.

What can I do to hear better while on the phone with a headset?
Get a binaural (two ear) headset, with large ear pieces. The Plantronics HW720 headset is the best option on the market right now.

  • It covers both ears to provide a more natural listening experience.
  • It also has the largest a professional office headset ear pieces on the market, to cover more of your ears, enabling you to hear better.
  • The ear cushions are made of synthetic leather to provide a cool comfortable fit.
  • Plantronics has dozens of options to make this headset work with just about any office telephone.

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