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About Plantronics and its Headsets


Way back in 1969, on the eventful day of Neil Armstrong being the first human being to set foot on the moon he uttered a line, the words that he uttered was through a Plantronics headset. The Plantronics headsets from then and even now are designed putting to use cutting edge technology having in mind the endeavor to make communications of the generation. A heritage has encompassed Plantronics in excess of forty-five years, Plantronics has invented and reinvented its development program towards the sole achievement of technological capabilities to climb the summit where it stands today and its products are the preferred communications equipment for millions of people across the globe.

Neil Armstrong Plantronics Headset

The corporation was set up in 1961 & inside 8 years of coming into operations the company’s lightweight communications headsets were gaining name and recognition. At the time when Neil Armstrong 1st set foot on the surface of the moon, that piece of communications took place via the means of a Plantronics headset through which he uttered the golden lettered words: “It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Ever since Plantronics has successfully created one benchmark after the other and has set worldwide standards for headset and other communications equipment all along the way. Today the success of Plantronics can be attributed to its millions of customers worldwide, there are more than thirty-two million headsets that have been sold all across the globe and the 337 million dollar communications company that has achieved all this today support more than 2,500 employees and operates in 20 countries. At Plantronics there endless models for your communications requirements, be it in the office workplace or at home or even your mobile instrument devices, Plantronics is a stop place for all possible communication requirements. You can always check out Plantronics for your individual as well as company, work place needs. Be it a PLANTRONICS WIRELESS HEADSET,a Bluetooth headset or Plantronics office headset, Plantronics has it all and much more. A Strong indication has come through Plantronics’ declaration of record incomes, which has been achieved for the financial year 2001 & its continual soaring rank in Forbes’ ‘Fortune’ plus Business Week’s ‘Hot Growth Companies’ records. In the year 2000, Plantronics was awarded the Arthur Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture) ‘Global Best Practices Award’.