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Plantronics, Jabra (GN Netcom) Headset Compatibility Guide


If you’re unsure which telephone headset to choose or the compatibility to your existing phone, use our interactive compatibility guide:

For Plantronics Headsets click here => Plantronics Headset Compatibility Guide

For Jabra Headsets click here => Jabra Compatibility Guide

Plantronics Headset note:

The most common way to connect Plantronics headsets to a telephone, for the majority of single and multi-line phones in use today, we recommend either the Plantronics M22 Vista amplifier/adapters. Plantronics Vista M22 is known as the “universal adapter” because of its widespread compatibility. The Plantronics M22 is the new model that uses Clearline audio to improve call quality in any environment, especially wideband VoIP.

If you have a Nortel, NEC, or Mitel phone with a “headset port”, you can use a Plantronics Polaris Headset that connects directly to the phone without the use of an amplifier (like a M22) since the amplifier is built in to the telephone. For more information go to our Plantronics Polaris Headset information page.

If you have a Cisco IP Phone (7900 series), you can use one of our Plantronics Cisco Headsets that will plug directly into the headset port that’s built into the Cisco IP series phones.

For a wireless headset (no wire) solution, check out the Plantronics CS540 , Plantronics CS510 , Plantronics CS520 and the new Plantronics CS530 .

Jabra (GN Netcom) Headset note:

Like Plantronics, for each Jabra/GN Netcom headsets, it requires an amplifier (or bottom cable), we recommend either the Jabra Link 860 Digital Audio Processor/Amplifier  . The Jabar Link 860 is known to work with virtually with any phone. If you have a telephone (such as Nortel, NEC, Cisco) with a direct connect “headset” port, you can choose one of these Jabra direct connect headsets where no amplifier is needed. For a totally wireless (no wires, no battery pack) solution, check out the Jabra Pro 920, Jabra Pro 9450


Will Plantronics or GN Netcom Headsets work in other regions or countries? Products may vary in different parts of the world, particularly because legal requirements (regarding frequency, voltage, etc.) vary from country to country. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that a North American product will work properly in another region, or that another region’s product will work properly here.