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Extending the Range of Engenius Durafon Cordless Phones

Durafon Base antenna

You currently own and operate an Engenius Durafon or Engenius Freestyl cordless phone and want a little more range or better sound quality when you’re far away from the base. There are several solutions.  If you speak to any professional communication engineer or Amateur radio operator, they can tell you that the most important piece of equipment for radio transmission is the antenna, everything else is secondary.

The least expensive and easiest way is the upgrade the Engenius handset antenna to an optimal antenna. This simple $20 antenna upgrade will dramatically (about 20%) improve the range and reception:

EnGenius DuraFon Optimal Performance Handset Antenna

Durafon handset antenna







If you own a FreeStyl1, add a EnGenius FreeStyl1 Antenna Optimal (For FREESTYL1)

Freestyl1 handset antenna







We swapped out all our handset antennas here in our warehouse and major improvements was reported at the end of the building as well as traveling down the street far as 1/2 mile away.

If the simple handset antenna upgrade still not enough maybe you have lot of obstacles, hills or thick walls in your locations.  You can also upgrade the Engenius Durafon or Engenius FreeStyl base antenna:

Durafon Base antenna







EnGenius DuraFon External Antenna w/60ft cable SN-ULTRA-AK20L

Upgrading the base antenna and handset antenna will easily double and sometimes triple your range, depending on your environment.  simply replace the base antenna and install this antenna on top the building in a central location for the best result.  You can also use the inverted dome antenna to indoor mount:

EnGenius Indoor Dome Antenna 

Engenius Dome Antenna







If for whatever reason you want even more range with the added antennas, we can special order you additional bases as “repeaters” to multiply your existing range.  Call us for details on how to order: 877-999-3838