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Jabra GN1000 Lifter Setup, Installation


If you have a Jabra/GN Wireless headset, and use it with a GN 1000 Remote Handset Lifter, you may wonder what the knob behind the device is. 1_1440x810

The knob, when turned clockwise, or in the direction in which the arrow points, will increase the sensitivity of the sensor which let’s your Jabra wireless headset know your phone is ringing.  The only repercussion with having it turned all the way up, is it may pick up other loud noises such as a sneeze or barking dog.

There is also a button located to the front of the lifter that disables the ring tone function altogether. What signifies it being disabled is a flashing red light.

The switch on top of the device, as you may already know, adjusts the height of which the lifter arm will raise your handset.

That pretty much covers all the switches and buttons on your GN 1000 Remote Handset Lifter, also included with the lifter is an additional ring sensor, with tape, if your ringtone speaker is not located under your handset, you need to place this over the speaker and plug it into the Handset Lifter. Otherwise it is just an extra part.

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