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History and Timeline of Plantronics Headsets


1961 – Two pilots form Pacific Plantronics out of a small garage in Santa Cruz, California. Pacific Plantronics is incorporated on May 18, 1961, dedicated to the “design, development and manufacture of specialized aircraft electronics.”

1962 – The MS-50, the world’s first lightweight headset, is introduced for the aviation industry. Plantronics creates SPENCOM (SPace ENvironmental COMmunications) division to provide headsets for NASA, including the Apollo space program.

1963 – United Airlines begin ordering MS-50 headsets. Pacific Bell orders a version of the MS50 to replace the bulky headsets used by switchboard operators. Prior to the MS50, operators did neck exercises so they could wear their headsets through a full shift. The company’s first advertising campaign focuses on lightweight design.

1964 – FAA adopts Pacific Plantronics headsets for air traffic controler. Today, Plantronics remains the sole source supplier of headsets for the FAA.

1968 – The first Apollo mission uses Pacific Plantronics headsets.

1969 – Neil Armstrong’s first words from the moon, “That’s one small step..” are transmitted via a Pacific Plantronics headset from the Moon. The NASA teams at Mission Control also use Plantronics headsets.

1970 – Plantronics introduces the StarSet® headset, an over-the-ear headset with a unique clear plastic voice tube.

1975 – The Quick Disconnect (QD) is introduced, giving office users the freedom to leave their desk without losing the call.

1980 – NASA uses Plantronics headsets for the space shuttle.

1986 – The Plantronics Specials Group creates QuietStar, a noise-canceling headset for use by the FAA in high-noise environments with a unique microphone that reduces background sounds by 85%. Astronaut Sally Ride uses a Plantronics headset to communicate aboard the U.S. space shuttle.

1992 – Plantronics headsets come to the office with the new M10 universal headset amplifier. Headsets can now be easily added to any phone without professional installation. The new Plantronics H-Series headsets are created to work with the new amplifier.

1995 – The Plantronics FreeHand ultra-lightweight in-the-ear style headset is introduced. Weighing less than ½ ounce, the low-profile, easy on/off is ideal for busy executives.

2000 – Plantronics introduces digitally-enhanced USB Computer Headsets for the PC and Mac. Home users gain cordless, hands-free convenience with the introduction of the Plantronics CT10 Cordless Headset Telephone.

2003 – Plantronics introduces its newest wireless headset for office desk phone, the Plantronics CS50 Headset offers one of the first ones style called “Convertible”, allowing to be worn over the head or over the ear.

2004 – VoIP users join the wireless revolution with the Plantronics CS50-USB, the industry’s only wireless USB headset system to deliver call answer/end capability and remote ring detection.

2005 – Plantronics new Voyager 510S, a Bluetooth headset system that connects to both mobile and office phones, wins “Best of Innovations” award at 2005 CES.

2006 – Plantronics offers a new alternative for corded headsets with its M22 Vista Amplifier and the well know Plantronics P251N Polaris SupraPlus, making these 2 the top sellers for call centers with virtually any desk phone and loved by millions.

2007 – Dispatchers looking for a wireless option for Push to Talk feature turned their eyes into the CA12CD PTT Adapter. This revolutionary adapter became popular with emergency dispatchers thanks to its connectivity that it’s compatible with consoles and easy to use with any7 H-Top headset from Plantronics.

2010 – With more devices in need of headsets at the same time, Plantronics launches the WO 201 Savi headset. One of the first ones being a wireless headset that allows the user to use with a desk phone, a computer and a mobile cell phone at the same time.

2011 – Plantronics gladly introduces it’s next generation of wireless headset with the Plantronics CS540, a new improved version of the old CS50, being a wireless headset and with a convertible style. Becoming a top seller and loved unit by everyone.

2014 – Noise Cancelation gets improved on the new EncorePro family, thanks to the HW540 as a convertible style and the siblings HW510 and HW520. The HW510 and HW520 headsets are Telecoil Hearing Aid compatible, being needed for specific users.

2015 – Plantronics introduces its Blackwire 725 C725 USB corded headset. This is a new PC based headset, with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) for loud environments, and with smart sensors that allows the user to answer the call by simply putting on the headset.

2016 – The CA12CD-S PTT Adapter enters the game with an improved encryption and with further range and better talk time. Plus it offers faster charging time compared with the old that replaces.

2017- Plantronics returns to the USB headsets with the Voyager 8200 UC headset, a boom less microphone headset compatible with the computer and a Bluetooth enable cell phone, the ANC gives a rich sound quality while the boom less design offers an amazing sound catching experience.

2019 – The new and improved Savi 8240 Office appears on sight. The new improvements on this unit includes a further range, a faster charging time and a better and improved sound quality. The 8240 marks the first Savi headset with a red key to find the mute key.

2020 – Plantronics officially purchased Polycom and now rebranded as Poly and to celebrate this, they offer new technologies in the market. One of these is the Poly EagleEye Mini USB Camera. This advanced camera allows the user to use it with their computer or if they have their VVX desk phone to turn it into a videoconference phone.

2021 – Poly offers the new Savi 7310 headset, a wireless headset compatible with any desk phone and any computer either by USB-A or USB-C. The new higher encryption chip gives this headset a further range and it has a 256bit encryption for security and the new Acoustic Fence technology in the boom arm.

2022 – The CA22CD-SC PTT Adapter appears with a new and higher encryption chip, making it a good replacement of the old CA12CD-S. The base now has a built in micro-USB port in the back, allowing user to plug it easier to the computer and supports all the standard console requirements. Fully compatible with H-Top headsets only.

2023 – HP finalizes the acquisition of Poly (Formerly known as Plantronics/Polycom), no mayor changes on their line, just change of Poly SKU’s for HP SKU’s, new improved customer service based on HP allowing to have available staff 24/7 and designed with improving the remote and hybrid work.

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