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History and Timeline of Plantronics Headsets


1961 – Two pilots form Pacific Plantronics out of a small garage in Santa Cruz, California. Pacific Plantronics is incorporated on May 18, 1961, dedicated to the “design, development and manufacture of specialized aircraft electronics.”

1962 – The MS-50, the world’s first lightweight headset, is introduced for the aviation industry. Plantronics creates SPENCOM (SPace ENvironmental COMmunications) division to provide headsets for NASA, including the Apollo space program.

1963 – United Airlines begin ordering MS-50 headsets. Pacific Bell orders a version of the MS50 to replace the bulky headsets used by switchboard operators. Prior to the MS50, operators did neck exercises so they could wear their headsets through a full shift. The company’s first advertising campaign focuses on lightweight design.

1964 – FAA adopts Pacific Plantronics headsets for air traffic controler. Today, Plantronics remains the sole source supplier of headsets for the FAA.

1968 – The first Apollo mission uses Pacific Plantronics headsets.

1969 – Neil Armstrong’s first words from the moon, “That’s one small step..” are transmitted via a Pacific Plantronics headset from the Moon. The NASA teams at Mission Control also use Plantronics headsets.

1970 – Plantronics introduces the StarSet® headset, an over-the-ear headset with a unique clear plastic voice tube.

1975 – The Quick Disconnect (QD) is introduced, giving office users the freedom to leave their desk without losing the call.

1980 – NASA uses Plantronics headsets for the space shuttle.

1986 – The Plantronics Specials Group creates QuietStar, a noise-canceling headset for use by the FAA in high-noise environments with a unique microphone that reduces background sounds by 85%. Astronaut Sally Ride uses a Plantronics headset to communicate aboard the U.S. space shuttle.

1992 – Plantronics headsets come to the office with the new M10 universal headset amplifier. Headsets can now be easily added to any phone without professional installation. The new Plantronics H-Series headsets are created to work with the new amplifier.

1995 – The Plantronics FreeHand ultra-lightweight in-the-ear style headset is introduced. Weighing less than ½ ounce, the low-profile, easy on/off is ideal for busy executives.

2000 – Plantronics introduces digitally-enhanced USB Computer Headsets for the PC and Mac. Home users gain cordless, hands-free convenience with the introduction of the Plantronics CT10 Cordless Headset Telephone.

2004 – VoIP users join the wireless revolution with the Plantronics CS50-USB, the industry’s only wireless USB headset system to deliver call answer/end capability and remote ring detection.

2005 – Plantronics new Voyager 510S, a Bluetooth headset system that connects to both mobile and office phones, wins “Best of Innovations” award at 2005 CES.

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