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How to setup a NEC phone for headset


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Today we will discuss how to setup a NEC desk phone for a corded headset. NEC deskNEC Phone Systems Dallas & Fort Worth | IP & Digital Phone Telephones phones are headset ready as they have a dedicated headset port for a corded headset, but unfortunately they are not fully “Headset ready” as by default they don’t have a dedicated headset key and must of the time people gets confused and frustrated as their brand new headsets don’t broadcast a phone call. As you can see on the top of your NEC desk phone you have a few available soft keys, these keys are usually free and can be customized on hundred ways. You can always use them for fast dials, extensions and more! We will use one of those in order to have a dedicated headset key that would allow you to use corded headsets as the Jabra Biz 2300 QD Mono Direct Connect Headset.

There are different models of NEC desk phones and each one requires different steps, we will discuss the DSX,UNIVERGE and DLV series as those are the most popular models. Newer desk phones have a more friendly interface screen and pretty much self explanatory when going thru their colorful menus.

NEC DSX phones:

Amazon.com : NEC 1090020 DSX 22-Button Display Telephone - Black : Office  Products

Follow these steps to get your headset key:

  1. Push “Menu” + Dial “51” + Press a Feature Key
  2. Push “Select” then “>, >” repeatedly to scroll to Headset
  3. Push “Select” to choose the Headset assignment
  4. Press “Back” + “Exit” to exit
  5.  Press the new Headset Key and you should hear the dial tone on the headset.


NEC Univerge SV9100 660139 ITZ 32DG-3 IP VOIP Gigabit 32 Button Telephone  BLK #B | eBayFollow the steps for your headset key:

A) Find an available programmable key:

  1. Press the “Help” button
  2. Press a programmable key you would like to use as the headset key
  3. If “Not define” displays no the screen, the key is available
  4. Press “Exit” button to exit

B) Program the headset key:NEC Univerge DT300 DTL-6DE-1 Black 6-Button Display Speakerphone (680001) - Grade B

  1. Press “Speaker” button
  2. Key in “7, 5, 1”
  3. Screen display “Key program”
  4. Press the key you want to use as the headset key
  5. It should display “Not define” on the screen
  6. Press “0, 5”, you should hear tones and the word “Headset” display on the screen
  7. Press the “Speaker” key to exit

NEC DLV phones:

Amazon.com : NEC DLV(XD) Z-Y(BK) Telephone IP3NA-12TXH TEL(BK) 12 Button  Display Terminal Black : Office Products Follow the next steps for your headset key:

CALL1 + Dial 851 + Press Function Key + Headset code 05 + SPK

You will hear a confirmation beep and see visual Headset confirmation on your display.

As you can see, on the DLV series takes less steps but you have to do everything in a sequence.

NEC desk phones are wireless headsets compatible, depending on the end user can opt for the new Voyager 4245 Office , or the Jabra Engage 65 Mono, for a really loud environment we strongly suggest the New Poly Voyager Focus 2 Office, give us a call and we can show you more option available.

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