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Is the Plantronics S11 or S12 right for me?


For any growing business it is important to utilize technology in such a way that it provides the best value while also filling a specific need. A business where their desk phones play a big role in the services they provide will need to make sure that their employees are able to maintain a certain level of comfort and professionalism while on the phone.

For the economical business that wants to make sure their employees are providing the best over the phone service will want to consider the Plantronics S11 or S12.

The S11 is simply a base and headset combination that connects directly to the desk phone. The headset has a headband that goes over the head.

Plantronics S11 Telephone Headset System

The S12 has an amplifier that is updated with a newer look and feel as well as a convertible headset that one can wear either over the ear or over the head.

Plantronics S12 telephone headset convertible system

Both of these headset + amplifier combinations allow employees to maximize the amount of time they are on the phone while maintaining an above average level of comfort, which enables them to be much more efficient.

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