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Plantronics Push-To-Talk PTT Adapter Cable for Office Phones, Deskphones


Office Telephone Secure Communication using Push-to-Talk Headset or Handset

Are you in an office where you need extra security (i.e. secure conversation) for your office telephone calls whiling using your office desk phone?  You don’t want your background conversation to be heard by the by the caller.  HeadsetPlus.com has several solutions for you, you can either use a Plantronics corded headset or simply replace the handset (receiver) of the telephone if you have a Cisco IP Phone.

Using a Plantronics headset:

Plantronics SSP1051-03 4-wire PTT Push-to-Talk QD to QD Adapter


This adapter allows you to use any Plantronics corded headset with any desk phone you may have.  We recommend the Plantronics HW710 HW291N EncorePro Noise-canceling Headset along with the SSP1051-03 PTT adapter:

Plantronics hw710

You will also need a bottom cable or amplifier, depending on the phone.  Call us for assistance 877-999-3838.  This Push-to-talk cable only allow your caller to hear your conversation only, not the background conversation when you’re not talking.

Using a PTT Handset for Cisco Phone:

Clarity Walker WS-2620-24 Cisco Phone 7900 Push-To-Talk Handset

WS-2620Simply replace your existing handset on your Cisco 7900 series phone with this Cisco PTT handset.  Using the PTT switch on the handset, you can eliminate any background conversation when you’re not talking.  If you have a Cisco 6900, 7800, 8800, 8900 or 9900 series phone, use the PTT handset below:

Clarity Walker WS-2800 Cisco Phone 6900 8900 9900 PTT Handset

Cisco WS2800

Clarity Walker WS-2835 Cisco Phone 7800 8800 DX600 PTT Handset

Clarity Walker WS-2835


These PTT devices are for desk phones (office phone), not to be confused with Push-to-talk devices for 911/police/air traffic control dispatch centers, where a “radio” is used.  see here for those devices: Headsets for Radio Dispatch, 911 Emergency or Air traffic controller

If you have any questions on any of these Push-to-Talk solutions or Headset products, Feel free to contact any one of our Headset specialists at HeadsetPlus.com toll free 877-999-3838.

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