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Altigen Compatible Headsets from Plantronics and Jabra


Altigen headsets

For a list of recommended headsets go to our Altigen Direct Connect Headsets page

If you have a AltiGen 500, 510, 600, 705, 710, 720 phone models, you can use any Plantronics H-Series Headset with a Plantronics Polaris Cable (part# 27190-01). No Plantronics amplifier is needed. The Polaris cable will connect the headset directly into your phone’s dedicated headset port

For Jabra headsets, use any Jabra headset + GN 1200 Smart Cable.

If you need a wireless headset for your AltigGen phones, we recommend Plantronics CS540,or the Plantronics CS530 , however, these wireless headsets must be plugged in through your phone’s receiver (handset) port, not your headset port.

If you have the AltiGen IP 720, it has a built in Plantronics Serial Bus (PSB) port with built in hook switch – no lifter require for remote answering. The PSB port cable is included with the phone. we recommend Plantronics CS540, the Plantronics CS530, or the new Plantronics Savi W740

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