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Top 8 PC Computer USB Headsets for Windows and Mac

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Hello class, today we will be looking at USB headsets that are compatible for your PC (Windows) and Apple Mac OS. Many businesses today are opting to use their computers in lieu of phones to make phone calls. It’s a very cost effective method to reduce spending by using VOIP and other soft phone applications. There are so many options out there, but I will list the ones that stand out most to me. The most important things to consider are the call quality and comfort. All of these headsets below are plug and play, and even someone like myself can install them. If you plan on sitting at the computer and don’t need to be mobile, I’d recommend getting a corded. If you need to be more mobile, or just don’t want to be tied to your desk, go wireless. Let’s begin shall we?

Poly Blackwire 8225 USB-A Stereo Wired Headset, or the (Blackwire 8225 USB-C version)


Poly Blackwire 8225 USB-A Stereo Wired Headset


This headset is the newest edition by Poly, formerly known as Plantronics in the Blackwire line. It’s the replacement for the old 7225 , but now one of the new improvements found on the 8225 is among, a microphone boom that mutes the mic by bringing the microphone boom up, the headset can be worn the the boom on either side and the function works as the boom rotates 180 degrees, the built in Busy light now its located on both sides of the ear cups, which makes it easy to notice when in a call and the new Advanced Hybrid Active Noise Canceling with 3 levels that allows the user to either turn it off completely or use any of the different levels depending on the location the headset is being used. The microphone boom has the latest Acoustic Fence technology, 2 microphones towards the users mouth and one on the opposite, this helps the headset to block most of the unwanted noises as the headset modulates the power of the microphone. Click here to buy now.

Jabra Evolve2 40 UC Stereo USB-A Corded Headset or (Jabra Evolve2 40 Stereo USB-C version)

This is a great entry level corded headset from Jabra. It has a USB-A (or USB-C) connection. It has 3 microphones to pick up your voice in addition to a noise canceling microphone.  Large 40mm speakers (ear cups) so you can focus on the task or phone call.  In addition, a built-in busy light so your colleagues/friends know if you’re on a call, visible 360 deg around you. Hi-Fi wideband frequency response. A great headset for the casual user. The best feature I like the most is that you can mute the call by simply by moving the microphone boom up.  Move the microphone down to un-mute. Comes with a manufacturer’s 2 year warranty. Click here to buy now.  (USB-C version)


Next up we have the….

Plantronics Savi 8210 UC Mono USB-A Wireless Headset

This is quite a unique wireless headset. Generally speaking, wireless USB headsets use Bluetooth connectivity, however, this headset runs on DECT 6.0 (similar to a cordless phone.) Because of this you get an astonishing range of up to 300ft. This headset has a great noise canceling mic and Wideband audio. The only downside to this headset is the lack of Bluetooth capability but still an awesome headset. Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, click here to buy now.

Jabra Evolve2 65 MS Stereo Bluetooth Wireless USB-A Headset or the (Evolve2 65 Stereo USB-C version)  Staff favorite 

This bad boy is a great wireless headset without breaking the bank. This Bluetooth USB-A (or USB-C) headset is basically an upgraded “wireless” version of the Evolve 40 series. It comes with a Bluetooth dongle that plugs into your PC or Mac via USB and gives you up to 100 feet Bluetooth range. Up to 37 hours of battery time!  You have a great noise canceling mic, and Hi-definition sound from the large 40mm speakers with soft leatherette ear cushions, which is great for you and your customers. It has a built-in LED in-use light to let the people around you that you’re busy or on a call – great feature to have!  If you’re not on a call, simply kick back and jam to some tunes. The coolest feature of this headset, is you can connect to your cellphone simultaneously via Bluetooth. Comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Click here to buy now.


Poly Voyager 4310 UC Bluetooth Mono USB-A Headset / Poly Voyager 4320 UC Bluetooth Stereo USB-A

poly voyager 4310 uc bluetooth mono usb-a headset view

Poly offers the Voyager 4300 series in different flavors, as you can get the 4310 on USB-A/USB-C, UC or Teams and with charging stand, same goes for the 4320, personally I enjoy this headset as it is really comfortable to use with eye glasses. Amazing battery that even goes further of what it promises, Poly mentions a 24 hour of talk time, but in our tests we got at least 26 hours in one single charge. The New Acoustic Fence technology is found the flexible microphone boom arm and the we find a Built In Busy light that let you know when in a call. The 4310 and 4320 headsets can be used as corded USB-A headsets, thanks to the included USB-C to USB-A cord. Thanks to its built in USB-C port , you can get a fast charge less time compared with other ones. Get your Voyager 4310 USB-A HERE, or your Voyager 4320 USB-A HERE. If you are a MAC user you can get the Poly Voyager 4310 USB-C with charging stand HERE . All the 4300 series headset comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty and with the BT 700 dongle that allows you to get a range of up to 160 feet.

poly voyager 4320 uc bluetooth stereo usb-a headset w/stand view




And one of my favorite…

Jabra Evolve2 75 MS Stereo Bluetooth Headset USB-A, Microsoft

jabra evolve2 75 ms stereo bluetooth headset usb-a, microsoft view

The second generation of the Evolve 75 comes in the shape of The Jabra Evolve2 75 with a new and improved ANC that is called the Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancelation, that now offers adjustable ANC that helps to improve focus in loud environments. The Evolve2 75 offers 8 microphones built in the headset and it can be worn on Discreet Mode with the boom arm folded in or with the arm out in Performance Mode, this allows the user to have crystal clear sound as the microphones meets the Microsoft Open Office requirements. The Evolve2 75 offers up to 36 hours of battery life when fully charged and fast charging, allowing the user to get up to 6 hours of battery by 15 minutes of charging. This model now offers 2 years of warranty instead of the only one of the predecessor. Jabra took it to a step further in the ear cups thanks to having 2 kinds of memory foam, a soft one and another no so soft, allowing the user to get a comfortable position without compromising the sound quality from the headset, all this with the convenience of having a well ventilation on the earcups. Get yours HERE.

Pure luxury. . .

EPO Sennheiser Adapt 360 USB-A Bluetooth Headset MS Teams Cert

This is a new wireless Bluetooth USB headset by EPOS (formerly Sennheiser). It’s a nice headset for for use with a computer. The EPOS Adapt 360 comes with the BTD 800 USB-A adapter for your PC or laptop. You can listen to music and take calls. It has a dual noise canceling microphone and you get up to 100 ft wireless range. The cool thing about this headset is it has active noise canceling. You can block the unwanted background noise if you’re in a loud environment. It has a great battery time of 46 hours! It also comes with a 2.5mm and a 3.5mm cable for use with a smart phone and a storage pouch. It can easily be folded for travel or storage.  Comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Click here to buy now


Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC USB-A Bluetooth Stereo w/Charging Stand

The second generation of the venerable Focus, we have the new Poly Voyager Focus 2, with an updated design, now the Active Noise canceling get into the newest Advanced Hybrid Noise Canceling technology with 3 different levels of graduation, so the user can choose hoe much Active Noise Canceling wants to be used depending on the location. Microphone boom with muting option by bringing the boom up, smart sensors located in the headset that allows to answer calls by simply putting on the headset. The microphone boom has the latest Acoustic Fence technology that helps to reduce the back ground noise by checking the environment and modulating the microphones facing the user so it can have a rich and crisp call.  Talk time of 19 hours with one single charge and the new BT 700 can be found in either USB-A or USB-C. Orders yours HERE

Newest boy in the block…

Jabra Evolve2 55 UC Stereo USB-A Bluetooth Headset

jabra evolve2 55 uc stereo usb-a bluetooth headset view

Jabra recently launched its new Evolve2 55 wireless headset, this new design is a greatly welcome on the comfort zone for a daily use. The Jabra Evolve2 55 offers a light weight and comfortable earcups in a more compact size, in addition this wireless Bluetooth headset comes with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) that helps the user to stay focus all day. The Evolve2 55 offers an advanced clever chipset that helps the microphones to separate speech from background noise, making it an advanced headset for loud environments and with easy pairing to be used for work or play at an affordable price.

jabra evolve2 55 uc mono usb-a bluetooth wireless headset viewThe Jabra Evolve2 55 family includes the Mono version as well, making this a lighter headset thanks to its lightweight unpadded headband, making it comfortable for all day use without the overheat that a full covered headband gives. The same smart chipset found in the stereo version is included here that helps to microphones to separate the speech from unwanted noises on the background. 

And for those with their MacBook on hand, jabra evolve2 55 uc stereo usb-c bluetooth headset w/stand viewthe Evolve2 55 comes in USB-C version as well, so it can be plugged to any of the Thunderbolt ports of it. So no need to get any special adapters to use it with your Mac. Using the Evolve2 55 with your Mac had never been so easy, just plug the Link 380 USB-C and the headset will recognize it right away offering an absolutely rich sound quality for your calls or for your streaming time.