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History of Jabra (GN Netcom) Headsets


With regards to communications and in particular hands-free technologies, Jabra headsets is the world leader. We have derived strength through close ties not only with highly skilled engineers but the same with customers, Jabra (formerly GN Netcom) is today the leading producer of high-end headsets, microphone arrays plus other concerned merchandise, and provide cutting edge merchandises for corded as well as wireless headsets hands-free means. We also happen to be the affiliates of Group for Bluetooth Special Interest, that represent companies engaged in making new merchandise by applying Bluetooth small-range wireless communications norm.


This communications major started out of Copenhagen, Denmark in the year 1987, upon be diluted from an ear aid maker & sister concern, GN Danavox, that upon realizing that its expertise in making devices for those suffering from hearing issues could be applied in commercial relevance. Following the introduction of its 1st merchandise, the Stetomike, this company has being involved in making and introducing inventive products on never efore seen technology. The manufacturing facilities of GN Netcom are spread over the U.S., Asia/Pacific, and Europe, with associates and distributors plying in more than seventy-five nations.

Product innovation and Jabra/GN Netcom go hand in hand. We have set the benchmark for many standards and our achievements include –
· First ever Bluetooth-certified headset
· First ever particularly noise-reducing microphone
· First ever all-inclusive headset + amplifier
· First ever one cord, headset that’s binaural
· First ever 2.4 GHz wireless system headset

With the advent of 2006, GN Netcom came out with the highly important GN Netcom 9300 edition. Superb styling blended with futuristic expertise, the GN 9330e has been created to give people using wireless office headsets a product that can be used with the conventional telephony plus IP telephony (calls made via Internet). A solution that will stand the test of time & innovation, this headset is for complete endurance & performance and there is the 9350 from GN Netcom too, the first ever wireless office headset that provides complete compatibility of conventional telephony plus IP telephony, the 9330 from GN Netcom take care of traditional telephony requirements while the 9330 USB from GN Netcom does it for IP requirements. Each of the 3 headsets work on 1.9 GHz frequency, thus they are Wi-Fi enabled. The GN 9350e edition is a new addition to GN Netcom’s prize- winning collection of office headsets that are wireless.

Now the company is call Jabra, GN Netcom is no longer its name here in North America, It added a new “Pro” line of wireless headsets such as the new Jabra Pro 9470 Bluetooth Wireless Headset, Jabra Pro 9460, Jabra Pro 9450, and now the affordable Jabra Pro 920 Wireless Headset System

GN Great Nordic Group heads GN Netcom; it is a hundred & thirty-five old corporation centered at Copenhagen, Denmark, whose revenues for 2001 are in excess of 914 million dollars. GN Netcom groups 3 firms – Hello Direct, JABRA Corporation and GN Netcom – which supply equipment all across the globe to mobile communications, call centers, home office/small office, general office, for the PC and new equipment producer regions. The group of GN Great Nordic is a listed company in Copenhagen’s Stock Exchange.

By October of 2016 GN Audio, the parent company of Jabra made the official announcement of the acquisition of VXi Corporation which main manufacturing are the VXi headsets and the BlueParrot units. With this new acquisition GN Audio increased its coverage on audio solutions for different levels, including but not limiting office, call centers, and mobile workers.

BlueParrott | bs1.ipxdigital.cl

VXi is a well known brand with a nice quality built at a really approachable price. One of their wireless headsets for a desk phone is the well know VXi V175, a wireless desk headset with a convertible style, allowing the user to wear it either over the head, ear or behind the neck. Making it a really interesting option for people looking for an affordable wireless headset.

After doing research and listening to blueparrott b450-xt bluetooth headset viewcustomers, VXi introduces the BlueParrot B450-XT, a Bluetooth headset designed for drivers with main concern of putting attention on the road and with effective noise cancelation microphones that can block the loud noises of Diesel Engines used on trucking. This new headset offers a customizable Parrott Button, that after making the arrangements with the BlueParrot app, the user can use this button to either mute, speed dial or push-to-talk feature. The B450-XT offers VoiceControl that let the user have a true hands free experience, thanks to its advanced speech recognizing software.

GN Audio offers on 2017 its latest Bluetooth headset on the Evolve 75 headset, this brand newjabra evolve 75 ms stereo bluetooth usb headset view headset is a computer headset with the capability to be used with the cell phone as well, with Active Noise Canceling, a comfortable wearing style and with the integration of busy lights on both sides. The microphone boom arm has a magnetic tip that let the boom arm in place when not in use, making it a nice option when intended to use the headset for listening music.

Moving forward a year, now on 2018, Jabra comes back to the office and now introduces its Engage 65 Headset, this being an automatically hit and loved by offices workers that need a reliable wireless jabra engage 65 mono wireless headset system viewheadset for their desk phone and to be used with the computer at the same time.


The headset comes in 3 different models, the Mono, the Stereo with true rich stereo sound quality and the convertible style that can be worn over the ear. The Engage base has a higher encryption DECT chip, that allows to have multiple units in the same location even at closer range without having any interruption between them. The built in busy light is truly appreciated for people working at a front desk position or in an open office environment.

Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Wireless Headset System

A few months later, Jabra give us the prime and joy of the Engage wireless headset family, with the new Engage 75 headset. This headset is the first of its kind that offerjabra engage 75 mono wireless headset system view multi-connectivity with more than 2 devices. It offers the connection for a desk phone, two computers via USB ports and two Bluetooth enable devices.

As the younger sibling, this headset comes in the 3 forms, including the Mono, Stereo and Convertible and one nice feature found in the base is that the base is a nice touch screen style base, allowing the user to customize most of the features of the headset on the base and it shows, real time, battery level, devices plugged into and device that is on use, plus it offers mute notification when on a call.

With a steady and trusty family of office and road headsets GN Audio becomes one of the top brands for telecommunication devices, but this doesn’t stop there. As on August ofjabra panacast 180 panoramic 4k video camera (no return) view 2019 jumps into a new venture with the launch of the Jabra PanaCast. The first of it’s kind, being a 4K Video Camera with an optical range of 180 degrees, designed to work on medium size conference rooms. The Jabra PanaCast offers its first of its kind Intelligent video technology that allows a simple plug and play feature and with the advance Whiteboard software, that allows a person to be able to read what a person writes down on a whiteboard in real time, enhancing readability. With the Intelligent Zoom, the 13-megapixels cameras automatically adjusts the field of view, so everyone on the meeting can be seen.

On 2020, as all the world suffered of the global pandemic of Covid-19 and remote work was a most, Jabra put attention on its line of personal headsets/devices for remote workers. Thanks to that it launched the new Evolve2 family, including these we can find the Evolve2 30, the entry level corded USB headset without breaking the bank, followed by the Evolve2 40, being a nicer unit with auto mute when you bring the boom arm up. If people were looking ofr something wireless Jabra offers its new Evolve2 65 headset with a first of its kind noise canceling microphones designed to block most of the noises on a regular home while a remote worker is on duty. For people looking for a more advanced noise cancelation speakers for louder places, the Evolve2 85 is your pick. This is the top of the chain on the Evolve2 family with Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling and with 10 microphone technology allowing the user to mute the microphone or unmute by swinging the boom arm up or down in its hide away headband part.

2021 was a really busy year for GN Audio on both ends on Jabra and BlueParrot. BlueParrot launched it’s new M300-XT headset, this being a Bluetooth headset with Teams certification and push to talk feature that works jointly with Microsoft designed for peoplejabra evolve2 75 ms stereo bluetooth headset usb-c, teams view on the go. On the Jabra side, it launched the new Evolve2 75 which it is a mix of the Evolve2 65 design with the performance of the Evolve2 85 headset. The Evolve2 75 offers the well known Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling with a slimmer design on over the ear ear cups and with hide away boom arm as well. The Evolve2 75 can be used as a boom less mic headset and offers 2 modes. Boom arm hided will be known as Discrete Mode and boom arm out will be known as Performance Mode.

A little further down the road on 2022 Jabra launched its PanaCast 20, a new personal jabra panacast 20 4k personal video camera viewweb cam designed to work with any UC platform as remote work is still a tendency and fully compatible with any of the Jabra USB headsets, The PanaCast 20 is Microsoft Teams Certified and offers a resolution of up to 4K thanks to its 13 megapixels camera, the Intelligent Lighting Optimization helps to get the best image when on use, offering the unique Picture-in Picture feature as helps to make presentation more impacting.

For people wanting the best performance in a more discrete package Jabra launched its Evolve2 Buds, this ear buds are a huge improvement from the previous generation, with ajabra evolve2 buds usb-a bluetooth earbuds ms teams view better and more comfortable design. The new redesigned case allow to have both earbuds and the USB dongle all in one place, making it a perfect fit for people always on the road. A huge improvement over the last generation is that now the Evolve2 Buds can be worn just by one ear bud either right or left with the device (computer or Bluetooth device) as compared before that it was only the right bud that allows to use it.