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Plantronics EncorePro Series (510, 520, 530, 710, 720) Reviews and Tests


With new times comes new models, and the long venerated Supra Plus Series had come to its end of life. and Its natural replacement is the Encore Pro Series, and today will review the series and will give some feedback about its performance.

The Plantronics HW510 Encore Pro 510 Noise Canceling Headset HAC cert is a nice well built corded headset compatible with almost any phone in the market. This particular headset is a mono style, which will be covering one ear , and is a over the head unit, which makes it the entry level in the work style headsets today. A noise canceling microphone eliminates de background noise, and the well known Quick Disconnect allows you to walk away from the desk and even connect your headset to the computer using the right adapter like the Plantronics MDA100 QD, PC USB Switch. The Plantronics HW510 headset can be found and ordered in the HW510V variant that allows you to have a monaural voice tube design. If need replacement voice tubes for your Plantronics HW510V, click here. For people looking for hearing aid compatible corded headsets, the Plantronics HW510 , and the Plantronics HW510V are both Telecoil hearing aid compatible. Depending on the desk phone that will be used for you can go either for a bottom cable or an amplifier, my recommendation would be the Plantronics M22 Vista Amplifier with ClearLine Audio, that allows you to modulate the volume on the headset and allows you to mute the microphone when needed.

The next headset that I would like to review and mention is the Plantronics HW520 EncorePro Noise Canceling Binaural Headset HAC, as the younger sibling the HW510, this headset is considered a work horse and entry level for a headset for people that require to cover both ears for a stereo sound quality with a less distractions of the surrounding environment. As the counterpart of the HW510, the Plantronics HW520 EncorePro Noise Canceling Binaural Headset HAC can be ordered in its voice tube version that allows you to replace the voice tubes as needed, you can order your Plantronics HW520V EncorePro Binaural VoiceTube Headset HAC cert by clicking here. The EncorePro Series is a work headset series that can be customized by the end user as needed, if you would like to upgrade the ear cushions, you can switch them from foam to leatherette style or to leather. If you need the leatherette style you can order yours here or you can upgrade your ear cushions to leather style and block most of the outside noise by clicking here.

The Plantronics HW530 EncorePro 530 Headset is a single ear corded headset, this headset is an over the ear headset style, as the other siblings it comes with a flexible noise canceling microphone boom allows you to adjust for the best voice quality. And compatible with most of the current and oldest desk phones as long as you have a direct connect cable or a Plantronics amplifier like the Plantronics M22 Vista Amplifier w/ ClearLine Audio, that allows you to modulate the volume and have a more rich and better experience during a call.

The Plantronics HW540 EncorePro 540 Headset would be my favorite and the best of the Encore Pro Series in my point of view by mixing the benefits of the previous siblings in a multi wearing style package. The HW540 allows you to wear the single ear unit on 3 different wearing styles, can be wore over the head like the HW510, over the ear like the HW540, or behind the neck which makes it really practical for people that are on the phone during all their shift. As with the HW510 or HW540 you can upgrade the ear cushions to leatherette is needed. You can order your ear cushions here.

Moving on the Encore Pro Series family up we have the Plantronics HW710 EncorePro Noise-canceling Headset, an upgrade over the HW510 Series , that comes in a single ear with a over the head wearing style. The ear cushion comes in leather which is a nice and upscale touch in a headset.Considered the “top of the line” , this lightweight headset comes with a retractable microphone that allows positioning at will. Compatible with virtually any desk phone in the market as long as you have a bottom cable or amplifier like the Plantronics M22. If you would like to switch the ear cups to Foam style the HW710 has you covered, you can order the replacement ear cushions in foam here.

And lastly we have the Plantronics HW720 EncorePro Noise-canceling Headset, as the previous sibling this headset come with a better quality headband, leatherette ear cushions and in this case covering both ears for a better sound experience, same as the HW710, the Plantronics HW720 EncorePro Noise-canceling Headset has a superior noise-canceling extendable microphone. Don’t forget to order your Plantronics M22 amplifier when ordering any of these headsets so you can use your headset on your phone right away.

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