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Poly Headsets Buyer’s Guide


Headsets from Poly, formerly known as Plantronics is special equipment for those who work in a constant phone mode environment. If the pain in the neck hampers to work ability then it is time that you invest in a headset.


Preface: Does your work require you to be highly engaged on the phone, maintaining the hand receiver between the shoulder & chin can prove painful. Not only does it hamper other task & movement while attending the phone, but there will certainly be an ache in the neck creeping up if you hold if all the time. Irrespective of your sporadic use, shoddy placement too can lead to pain.

Yet not many acquire benefit of a really not that expensive & easy remedy: Plantronics headsets. With headsets both the hands are free and you are still talking, allowing you to be multitude with all other works that you are surrounded with.

Design & Use: Plantronics Headsets could be applicable in all most all home or office phone environments. Attaching a 1 or 2 plug make them operational. Models for such headsets are aplenty, thus the onus is on you that you search right headset that meets you requirements.

Plantronics Headsets have various styles, be it in diminutive small molds that fit your ear size to big, case broadcaster-resembling units. Office where there is a lot of hustle & bustle such as BPO unit, a binaural headset that has 2 ends is ideally suited so that noise from behind isn’t a factor. But if you are sporadically using the phone, a monaural (1 earpiece end) headset is recommended as you keeping while and yet know that’s happening around you.

Sound Quality: Sound superiority is what you need to look for in a headset. Supposing you or others cannot listen to you, that’s a worthless headset. A few people tend to speak loudly; in that case you need volume controls. Each of the models give an option to control incoming volume, but there are just some that give an option to control outgoing volume. For great sound quality is the noise canceling headset that aids subsiding noise from the background so incoming voice is heard well. (The feature though comes at an extra cost.)

Convenient Features: Headset/Handset Swap. Through this feature a user can swap between handset and headset when making or attending calls. Such a feature should be clearly marked & reachable quickly; when you hear the phone ringing, scurrying to find the option and making a mistake is not what you want.

Fast Disconnect: Plantronics Quick disconnect give you the plantronics hw510 encorepro 510 noise canceling headset hac cert viewoption to cut the equipment completely from the headset, thus headset need not be displaced upon moving away from your desk. (Huge protection, too, plantronics hw720 encorepro noise-canceling headset viewyou won’t be pulled back to the chair through the connecting cord.) When you set out to purchase a model claiming to have this feature, see to that it is the same. Quick Disconnect can be easily find in corded headsets such the HW510 EncorePro or the upscale HW720 EncorePro corded headset.

Pricing: H-Top corded headsets from Plantronics can be anywhere near 90-200 plantronics hw510v encorepro 510v voicetube headset hac viewdollars for a creditable headset, there is a headset plus its amplifier. Even though you can find fifty-dollar pieces, being cost-conscious will get you something similar, soon than later you plantronics shr2083-01 rugged noise-canceling headset (no return viewcould keep it tucked away. The best examples from Poly would be such as the HW510V EncorePro. On top of the chain we will have the specialized headsets like the well known SHR2083-01 Rugged Noise-Canceling headset.


Headsets that are Cordless: Plantronics wireless headsets are suited for those people who walk while speaking. The disadvantage being that you have to come back to the instrument to make or receive calls, and, similar to cordless phones, these cordless headsets would go out over a particular distance. The top seller headset from Poly (Plantronics) will be the Plantronics CS540 Wireless headset.

Wireless vs. Cordless: Cell Phone is a widely used communication means are headset too happen to be available for use. Cell phone headsets are great when driving and speaking on the phone. Just plug them into your cell phone jack, if your phone has it built in (if not there then use adapters), and get them to stick on the ear opening to have the voice come in. Wireless cellular headsets could be priced in the range of twenty-five to eighty dollars, based upon the features & style.

Headset Choice: Looking for a Plantronics headset, the key is comfort. Those high-end models won’t be any good if you needs do not match its offerings. For instance, you love you hair do and do not like it being out of shape then go for ear gear model. Do you like a stick shaped cushion-free that comes all the way to the center of your mouth so that in any situation your voice is clearly audible.

Multi-Connectivity function: Poly offers alternatives for people in need of a headset, either corded or wireless that allows them to use a single headset with their computer and desk phone at the same time when on the office. On top of that there is the wireless offer that allows to use a single headset with the computer, the desk phone and a Bluetooth enable device and even take the headset out of the office and keep using it down the road. for corded solution you can go with the Poly MDA524 Corded Switcher and the Plantronics HW540 EncorePro corded headset. For a wireless setup will be the Poly Voyager 4310 UC and the Poly Voyager Office Base, with this 2 items it allows a single headset to be used with multiple devices and you can take the headset out of the office and keep using it with your smart phone.


Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling (ANC): Poly offers this feature on its Bluetooth Poly Voyager Focus 2 MS USB-C Bluetooth, No Standheadsets that allows the user to block unwanted external noises while on a call and with different levels of graduation, which is a nice improvement over the old only “ON/OFF” function. The new and improved battery talk time with this feature is improved with a talk time of up to 24 hours with the feature on versus the old one that it was of up to 10 hours. The latest addition from Poly with this nice feature would be the Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC or can be found on the Poly Voyager Focus2 Office headset.


Further Range on Bluetooth Headsets: Thanks to the new and improved Bluetooth technology v5.1 offering a further range that before. This is considered a Class 1 range and using the included BT700 Bluetooth dongle now the range pumps to up to 164 feet on line of sight, which is a mayor improvement of the old range of just up to 70 feet. And offering the BT700 adapter in both variants USB-A and USB-C.

Improved microphones thru Acoustic Fence Technology: The new and improved microphone boom arms now include a minimum of 2 dedicated microphones facing the user and at least 1 towards the outdoors, the purpose of this one is to suppress most of the noises on the background noise such as lousy fans, barking or lawnmowers. This technology was adopted from Polycom conference desk phones and now applied to headsets and the new Poly desk phones with built in speakers, creating the best sound quality as it only follows the user’s voice when engaged on a call. The latest headset with the newest Acoustic Fence microphones is the Voyager 4320 UC Stereo USB-A.

True Push-To-Talk corded and wireless offers: Poly offers the push-to-talk feature on plantronics shs1890-15 6-wire push-to-talk amplifier 15' viewcorded version of cables that work with its Plantronics corded headsets and consoles and the wireless alternative that works extremely well with radio dispatchers, air controllers that require to engage on calls over radio consoles and are in need with muting the microphone in order to help both parties to focus the full attention on the call. On the wireless solution now offering a higher encryption wireless DECT chipset taking to level highest-level DECT security Step C requirements. The best example for PTT function on corded setup would bepoly ca22cd-sc ptt wireless adapter single channel (no return) view the SHS1890-15 well known by ground dispatchers, as they can use their headset by simply plugging in them by the Quick Disconnect. For the wireless alternative we have the new CA22CD-SC that will be well known by dispatchers that need to walk around the cubicle in order to access into a different computer or monitor.



Smaller and more comfortable earbud wearing style: poly voyager free 60+ ms earbuds bluetooth headset usb-a, teams viewPoly offers its newest and most compact design of earbuds compatible with any UC platform in the market and with virtually any mobile device via Bluetooth, these being now v5.3 ad even on a small size, they count with hybrid and adaptive Active Noise Canceling, which blocks annoying noises of environment and offering gesture control for volume control, mute, resume and ANC feature. The latest addition with this features coming from Poly would be the Poly Voyager Free 60+ allowing the user to take conversations and comfort wearing style to the next level.

To know what is best for you, try out a few models practically in daytime conditions so you know their results. Adjusting the microphone should be easy. It is not important that only you hear your callers with clarity but your callers too must be able to have voice clarity when listening to you on the other side. Volume control arrangement is different in different models; so you would like to test that feature prior to actually purchasing it.

You Should Know: When assessing Plantronics headsets, do this –

– Is there a movement that disturbs you?
– Once you wear the headset is it comfortable over long duration?
– Can it be easily adjusted while being unobtrusive?
– The Headset should be lengthy enough to allow easy movement?
– Is quick disconnection easy to disconnect & reconnect?
– Is the mode easy to recognize be it in handset or headset mode?
– Is it simple to control the volume? Is the control range sufficient?
– Are you happy with the quality of sound at both ends?