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Recommended Computer USB headsets for 2024


computer headsets are excellent for Internet chat, telephony, speech recognition and applications with voice command-and-control capabilities, the Plantronics. Plantronics single earpiece computer headsets has a superior noise-canceling microphone for improved speech recognition accuracy. The comfortable headband style design adjusts for left or right side wear, and allows you to hear both your surroundings and your computer. This Plantronics computer headsets features convenient inline volume and mute controls and a QuickAdjust microphone, to ensure perfect placement. Compatible with popular computer sound cards, just plug it in and start talking. USB headsets can be found as corded or wireless offers and fully compatible with PC and Mac users, and depending on the scenario, they will be compatible with Bluetooth enable devices such as smart phones or tablets.


Headset Plus offers Poly Multimedia Digital Computer USB Headset , as Jabra USB computer headsets and the EPOS (Sennheiser) alternatives. On the road, in the office or at home, you’ll enjoy the hands-free convenience of these professional-quality computer headsets. Each features noise-canceling microphones and gold-plated plugs for superior sound. Plus, cushioned leatherette earpieces and adjustable headbands provide a comfortable fit.

We will discuss and recommend some solutions for the remote workers following next.

Corded USB Headsets

  1. Jabra EVOLVE 20 UC Mono USB-A Computer Headset (Good)

jabra evolve 20 uc mono usb-a computer headset viewThe Jabra EVOLVE 20 UC will be the entry level for a USB corded headset, covering one ear and fully compatible with any computer with a USB-A port. The volume and call controls are going to be located in the cord, making it an affordable option with an easy to use interface. Foam ear cushion welcome the user with noise canceling microphones and optimized for all the UC platforms for VoIP systems such as RingCentral or 8X8.


2. EPOS Adapt 165 USB II, USB-C, 3.5mm Double Sided Headset (Good)

epos adapt 165 usb ii, usb-c, 3.5mm double sided headset viewEPOS offers the SC 165 corded headset as a Stereo sound quality corded USB-C headset for the computer, the headset comes with a 3.5mm jack as well as this headset can be used with portable devices with a 3.5mm jack such as tablets. The Volume control will be located on the cord as well and easy to use on any computer thru the USB-C port. This alternative would be the entry level for a good quality stereo corded headset with a rich sound. Leatherette ear cushions can be found, making it a comfortable offer and helping the user to have cool ears when in use, plus lasting longer and easier to clean. Foldable completely flat, making it easier to carry around or to put inside backpacks or carrying cases.

3. Poly 3325 Blackwire USB-A Stereo Headset w/3.5mm Jack, MS Teams (Better)

poly 3325 blackwire usb-a stereo headset w/3.5mm jack, ms teams viewPoly offers the Blackwire 33.25 as a corded USB-A Stereo headset, volume control on the cord with an easy to use interface, allowing to mute the mic, answer/end calls and depending on the application used can put calls on hold. This headset comes with a 3.5mm jack as well as can be used with portable devices with a 3.5mm jack such as laptops or cordless phones with a 3.5mm jack. Flexible microphone boom arm with noise canceling microphone and with Leatherette ear cushions which gives a comfortable wearing style for all day use.

4. Jabra Biz 2300 USB GSA Mono PTT Headset, UC (Better)

jabra biz 2300 usb gsa mono ptt headset, uc viewJabra offers its Biz 2300 USB corded headset with the well known Jabra’s long lasting reputation, thanks to its Kevlar reinforcement helping the headset to last longer, lighter and tolerate common office accidents. Noise canceling microphone can be found and this headset offers the Push-To-Talk (PTT) function which mutes the microphone by releasing the control key and reenable it when holding down, making it a secure conversation. The volume control located on the cord offers lightening when on a call and on the PTT function allowing the user to know when the microphone is muted or not.

5. Poly Blackwire 8225 USB-A Stereo Wired Headset (Best)

poly blackwire 8225 usb-a stereo wired headset viewPoly offers the Blackwire 8225 as a stereo headset with Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling (ANC), designed for loud environments as it has different levels of graduation so the user can decide how much ANC want to use. The bendable microphone boom arm will come with the new Acoustic Fence technology which has 1 dedicated microphone facing the outside with the main purpose of substract most of the loud noises such as loud fans or lawnmowers. Volume and call control can be found on the cord and built in busy light on the earcup, allowing user to let know when on a call. Foldable ear cups for easy transportation and with an easy to use interface.

6. Jabra Engage 50 II Stereo USB-A PC Headset w/control unit, UC (Best)

jabra engage 50 ii stereo usb-a pc headset w/control unit, uc viewJabra released the second generation of its Engage 50 corded headset, the new redesign of the headset by itself. Volume controls with an easy to use interface can be found on the cord, with built in buys lights into the earcup of the headset and the volume control, making it easy to the user to find the answer/end call key. Advanced speakers can be found with optimization from BalancedVoice which makes a clear and rich sound quality coming to the headset. 3 noise canceling microphones can be found in the boom arm. The Engage 50 II is certified for Google Meet and Zoom, plus it has integrated call control for Amazon Connect and Genesys Cloud CX.

Wireless USB Headsets

  1. Poly Voyager 4310 UC Bluetooth Mono USB-C Computer Headset (Good)

poly voyager 4310 uc bluetooth mono usb-c computer headset viewPoly offers the Voyager 4310 as the new entry level for a wireless headset. This unit is a mono headset, covering one ear and fully compatible with any computer using the BT700 USB-C dongle and can be paired with a Bluetooth enable device such as a smart phone or a tablet. Acoustic Fence technology can be found on the bendable boom arm and built in buys light on the ear cup. Offering a range of up to 160 feet and with built in volume and call controls into the headset with an intuitive and easy to use interface. Offering voice over USB feature, allowing to use the headset as a corded headset if the BT700 is not available. Impressive talk time of up to 24 hrs in a single charge.

2. Jabra Stealth UC USB Wireless Headset w/Dongle (Good)

jabra stealth uc usb wireless headset w/dongle viewJabra offers the Stealth UC as an alternative for people wanting a UC certified headset compatible with their computer and cell phone in a more discrete design. The Jabra Link 360 included gives a range of up to 100 feet and fully compatible with all mayor UC platforms and Bluetooth enable devices. Smartphone Voice Control button for remote activation of Siri / Google Now, Noise Blackout microphone technology that blocks most of the noises from the background of your conversation. 6 hours of talk time in 1 charge with a fully charge time of 2 hours.

3. Jabra Evolve2 65 UC Stereo Bluetooth USB-A Headset w/Stand (Better)

jabra evolve2 65 uc stereo bluetooth usb-a headset w/stand viewJabra offers the Evolve2 65 as a stereo UC certified headset. Offering a elegant and well built design, theEvovle2 65 supports all mayor UC platforms with a range of up to 100 feet thanks to the Link 380 included and with 3-microphone technology. The Evolve2 65 is fully compatible with any Bluetooth enable device such as smart phones and tablets. Built in Volume controls and busy light can be found on the earcup and with advanced mute technology that allows the user to mute microphone by bringing microphone boom arm up and down. Offering up to 37 hours of talk time or 10 days of standby in a single charge. Voice over USB feature can be found so can be used as a corded headset on the computer.

4. EPOS Sennheiser Adapt 360 USB-A Bluetooth Headset MS Teams Cert (Better)

epos sennheiser adapt 360 usb-a bluetooth headset ms teams cert viewEPOS offers the Adapt 360 as UC certified boom less microphone foldable headset with a discrete and elegant design. The Adapt 360 comes in a stereo sound quality with built in Active Noise Canceling technology (ANC), with a talk time of up to 39 hours and offering the option to be used as a corded headset with the included 2.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable making it a nice option for travelers so they can use their headset on airplanes when they ask to turn off electric devices. Offering a range of up to 82 feet using the BTD 800 USB dongle. Thanks to its foldable design and included carrying case makes it a nice offer for people on the move all day.

5. Jabra Evolve2 75 MS Stereo Bluetooth Headset USB-C w/Stand Teams (Best)

jabra evolve2 75 ms stereo bluetooth headset usb-c w/stand teams viewJabra offers the new Evolve2 75 as a stereo Bluetooth Class1 headset, fully compatible with any computer thanks to the included Link 380 USB-C and with another Bluetooth enable device. The Evolve2 75 offers Active Noise Canceling (ANC) for those unwanted noises of the environment and the headset has 2 modes of use, on Discreet mode with the boom arm stored away the headset works as boom less mic headset, on Performance mode with the arm out meets Microsoft’s Open Office requirements for calls. Built in busy light and volume control can be found on the headset with a battery life of 36 hours with fast charging available and voice over USB feature.

6. Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC Bluetooth USB-C + USB-C/A Adapter (Best)

poly voyager surround 80 uc bluetooth usb-c + usb-c/a adapter viewPoly offers the new Voyager Surround 80 UC as a wireless stereo headset with a boom less microphone design. The earcups will cover the whole ear for a rich sound quality and offers the Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling for those loud moments when in use. Foldable earcups for easy transportation and offering a range of up to 164 feet using the included BT700 V5.3. Voice over USB is found on the headset and the Surround 80 can be used as 3.5mm jack corded headset thanks to the included USB-C to 3.5mm cable, making it an offer for people wanting to use their headset while on a flight. Can be used in any computer as it comes a USB-C to USB-A adapter so no excuses of not being able to use the BT700 dongle.